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Can Telepresence and Video Conferencing Pave the Way for a Greener and More Robust Economy?

…umers, advocates and federal and state legislators, broadband and related communication technologies [such as telepresence and video conferencing] can pave the way for a greener and more robust economy.” The current global economy has increased the need for business travel, resulting in negative environment impacts due to increased carbon emissions, and distributed social services have left some behind. However, recent technological advance…


Wi-Fi and IP Video, Like “Peanut Butter and Chocolate”

…the ability to stream video content directly from one or more Internet-based services. Killer Use Case 4:  Telepresence to the home (or office).  Cisco has announced upcoming releases of Home Telepresence – bringing this revolutionary enterprise technology to the consumer market.  These Home Telepresence systems will make use of low-cost high definition cameras and existing HDTV screens.  But consumers aren’t going…


ShowNotes: The Engineering Behind TelePresence

Welcome to the Show Notes for TechWiseTV61 – Exploring the Engineering Behind TelePresence.  If you missed the show, don’t hesitate to get the replay right away!     “We looked at a simple scenario where two sites are connected via telepresence systems that have an estimated $115-per-hour cost of operation. We applied this scenario to a situation where telepresence didn’t replace on-site work, but instead…


Legal executives push video conferencing to the forefront of strategic planning

…ne presenter noted that video conferencing is a “game changing technology.” Why Video? One panelist classified telepresence and video conferencing among the “Top 3 Technology Trends.”  Why? Simply put, in this era of cost cutting and rapid decision making, it has the ability to instantly bring people together face-to-face no matter where they are at a fraction of the money and time spent traveling. In the legal industry, this is critical as it a…


Australia is First Federal Government in the World to Deploy Cisco TelePresence Across the Nation

Almost one year after announcing that the Australian Federal Government would be implementing Cisco TelePresence in 20 sites around Australia, the Government has reported that Cisco TelePresence systems have been deployed by Telstra and current sites in operation include the Commonwealth Parliament Offices in Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland), Perth (West Australia) and Hobart (Tasmania), as well as a number of sites in the nation&rsqu…