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Cisco SVP Chris Dedicoat on Innovation in Europe

At the World Economic Forum, Cisco SVP of European Markets talks about how Innovation is driving the European Economy….



Standards Play a Vital Role in Fueling Innovation

…role of the federal government in standards.  (Watch the webcast here.) Standards play a vital role in fueling innovation, promoting competition, lowering technology costs and accelerating market growth – particularly when they are the result of an industry-led, consensus-based open, and transparent process, and voluntarily-adopted in the market. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke opened  the event, reminding us of “…the tremendous impact standard…


How do you measure your Cloud Computing strategy?

…s really the right way to motivate an IT organization to drive itself from a maintenance-centric approach to an innovation-centric approach? Unfortunately, this happens all too often when IT is viewed as an enforcer of the bottom-line instead of an innovation engine for the top-line Let me give an example to highlight this concept of IT-the-enforcer vs. IT-the-innovator and how they don’t always have to be mutually exclusive. Most of you ha…


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Innovating Together Like Never Before – in Iceland?

Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” – Michael Porter There’s been some interesting coverage this week about President Obama’s State of the Union address. And while pundits on all sides debate the ideologies as well as the details, it’s easy to agree on one of his key points – that innovation is the key to getting the economy and the country back on track. Given the importance of innovation, isn’t it worth taking…


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your CEO

…e from sustainable capex and opex reductions. The other benefit of TCO reduction is that it frees up budget for innovation and investment in the data center.  When Cisco IT started the CITIES project, roughly 70% of the data center budget was committed to supporting the existing infrastructure – leaving just 30% for investment and innovation–not very much.  At this point in the CITEIS project, Cisco IT has almost completely inverted t…


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