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Meeting Old Challenges in the New Normal

…shift in focus from cost savings and maintenance (back when I was an IT manager, we called it “bunker mode”) to innovation that moves the business forward. And in 2010 we’ve certainly observed that. IT departments are concentrating not only on streamlining operations and lowering costs—an absolute mandate of the recession—but also on innovation that leads to better business operations, greater productivity, and increased revenues—a clarion call…


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Daily Blogger Techminute : Cisco and VMware drive innovation and integration

…alk about the importance of the partner ecosystem that Cisco and VMware are creating and the results in terms of innovation, and integration  In terms of innovations, and partnership between Cisco and VMware , here are a couple of  recent announcements from Cisco  that you want to consider  – Virtual Security Gateway  You want also to read Omar Sultan’s blog on the topic  – VMware vCloud Services Direct…


Cisco Helps Drive Innovation at VMworld

VMworld is underway in San Francisco this week—this annual IT conference brings together thousands of attendees to hear about the latest developments in cloud computing and new applications for virtual environments. And as you, our partners, likely know, Cisco and VMware provide innovative and integrated solutions specifically designed for virtualization. In fact, Cisco is a Global Diamond sponsor of VMworld 2010. Attendees are getting the…


Going Gaga for Innovation

What does it take to engage with your audience? If you don’t know the answer to that—or worse, you think you do because you arrived at your answer months or years ago—you’re probably not engaging. I never thought I’d be saying this, but we should all take a page from Lady Gaga’s playbook. At this past Monday night’s San Jose concert, that woman was on her game. Why? One word: innovation.   Having at…


Data Center Fabric of Tomorrow

…losely at where this is going with one of the biggest things being announced – Cisco FabricPath Transformational Innovation – The end of spanning tree, layer 3 control on a layer 2, multipath design and some very interesting product extensions we will bring you in our ‘Show and Tell’ segment with WAAS 4.2, the Catalyst 4948-E and more. Operational Innovation – Cisco Intelligent Automation featuring the Tidal Orchestrator and Scheduler as well as…