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Innovating Together Like Never Before – in Iceland?

Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” – Michael Porter There’s been some interesting coverage this week about President Obama’s State of the Union address. And while pundits on all sides debate the ideologies as well as the details, it’s easy to agree on one of his key points – that innovation is the key to getting the economy and the country back on track. Given the importance of innovation, isn’t it worth taking…


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your CEO

…e from sustainable capex and opex reductions. The other benefit of TCO reduction is that it frees up budget for innovation and investment in the data center.  When Cisco IT started the CITIES project, roughly 70% of the data center budget was committed to supporting the existing infrastructure – leaving just 30% for investment and innovation–not very much.  At this point in the CITEIS project, Cisco IT has almost completely inverted t…


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GE Innovation – Thinking Outside of the Box (or Should that be ‘Square’?)”>httpv://

As I’m focusing more on Collaboration and Innovation and less on Supply Chain these days, I thought I’d share a story of ‘Ideation’ with you for my opening blog.  That’s because it’s usually one of the first steps in the product development lifecycle, and makes chronological sense when discussing innovation. In later blogs I’ll share some of the subsequent steps – you know: Selection, Prototyping, Validation, Development and finally, Launch. Dif…


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Does Enterprise IT need a M&A Strategy?″>Cisco

…ed to “legacy” activities. This obviously leaves very little time to work on new technology-centric innovations to drive the business. Or to put a different way, “IT only does innovation on Friday”. The McKinsey Quarterly recently had an interesting article about reshaping IT management, where they introduce the concepts “Factory IT” and “Enabling IT”. The premise being that the focus of the Factory…


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Collaboration is Hot … Very Hot: The Value of Collaboration

…turn on investment with regard to collaboration. Here’s how we define value at Cisco:  productivity, growth and innovation. By innovation, we mean accelerating research and development, creating new business models and generating new ideas. We define growth in terms of global reach, driving new revenue, entering new markets and accelerating our sales cycle. And in terms of productivity, we focus on operational efficiencies, faster decision making…