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In Between the Numbers: Less than a Third, and Less than Half.

…e – have so few new “breakthrough” ideas found acceptance? Here’s a hypothesis: Caught in an ever-fast cycle of innovation, the sales and engineering departments – understandably – always seek more. More headroom. More functionality. More interoperability. We dream of the possible. We dream of platforms, of vendor lock-in, of recurring streams of high-margin revenue, of bosses pinning ribbons to our medaled chests. Ignore the cost implications fo…


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2011-A Year of Renewal for the Financial Services Industry

Innovation seems to be back on the menu for many of the leading Financial Services players in 2011. It is a different type of Innovation though: it comes with a sense of urgency and a need to radically transform the business. It has moved from the category of a “nice to have” to a “need to have”. Why is that? Mainly because many of the traditional Revenue and Profit ‘carpets’ have been pulled out from under the feet of th…


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Innovation: Wireless Networking Ingenuity from Cisco!

…17;m sure of it. The best in the industry. And I don’t just mean me (he jests)! No, really, Cisco’s innovation is ‘on fire’ as John Chambers puts it. I’m not just saying that because I work at Cisco. I’m saying it because I meet up with folks every day at Cisco who simply impress me with their down-and-out inventiveness. It might be products, processes or business architectures. Whatever it is, I’m often…


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Working Together in Education: Broadening Curricula and Increasing Access to Foster Innovation

Last month’s Boston Globe included an interesting Op-Ed titled “Riding the Innovation Wave” written by Drew Faust, president of Harvard University and Susan Hockfield, president of MIT. It’s a call to action that the US invest in education and research to propel us beyond the current state of affairs. A quote from the piece reads: America’s current circumstances are certainly serious. But there is a proven path forward, one that the United State…


On the Nature of Innovation

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Soni Jiandani about the nature of innovation at Cisco.  For those of you who know her, you know she knows a thing or two about bringing innovation to market.  Soni is currently a VP in the Server Access and Virtualization Business Unit. In a prior role, she was Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s LAN and SAN switching business unit within the Data Center, Switching and Wireless Technology Gro…


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