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Russian Rock Concert over TelePresence

…t live concert in Russia in early November, the South African rock band paid a virtual visit to Moscow via Cisco TelePresence. From London, they joined a press conference hosted by Cisco Russia and discussed their upcoming tour with local music journalists. Then the scene shifted to the halls of the Moscow World Trade Center, where – still using Cisco TelePresence technology — The Parlotones gave a transcontinental virtual concert for visi…


New Collaboration Tools Mean New Ways to Work

…nnounced today, simply put, will help improve communications and bring us closer to an easy one-button approach. TelePresence, Unified Communications, and WebEx solutions have all been updated with new capabilities—for instance, a new feature called TelePresence WebEx Engage is a one-button solution that integrates video between TelePresence and WebEx conferencing. A new enterprise social software program lets groups of participants create…


More for fans of Cisco TelePresence (and 30 Rock)

I noticed this on NBC’s 30 Rock site… some behind-the-scenes footage of Alec Baldwin and team prepping for the bedbugs scene that features Cisco TelePresence. It’s fun to see how over-the-top writing, over-the-top comedic acting, and precise editing and timing come together to make a scene really funny. P.S. The entire show is now posted on Hulu. As usual, it’s a very funny episode. And, more 30 Rock clips are on the s…


General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.) Addresses Forum via Telepresence

…ty and work towards improving processes, organizations and people.  He is truly an inspiring speaker and leader. Telepresence allowed us to gather dozens of leaders — across the country — for one event without a single flight being taken.   Audience members were located in four of our regional TANDBERG offices (Reston, VA; Dallas, TX; New York; NY and Boston, MA) and connected via TANDBERG Telepresence.   With the exception of the lucky few that…


Cisco TelePresence for Design Collaboration

Last year, I blogged about some projects we’ve done using Cisco TelePresence for usability testing and customer interviews.  We have also begun using Cisco TelePresence quite a bit for collaborative design. Here are pictures from two recent projects we’ve been using TelePresence for. The first is from a recent landing page and Flash review, which our LA partners are working on. That’s Maureen’s head you see in San J…