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Savvis Symphony VPDC is Music to the Ears

…esses who would never be able to develop the services themselves.  Security, committed service levels, and interoperability are the three key barriers that I continually hear from Cisco’s enterprise customers citing when they explain why they’re not ready to adopt externally-provided cloud services yet.  We also believe that the economics is very compelling – with very strong opex and capex advantages for service provi…


How Internet standards are born: Part 2

…ealized that standardizing around IP made a lot of sense because it worked in fairly large networks and allowed interoperability between separate companies. It shows just how far we’ve come that some people have a tough time fathoming just two protocols – IPv4 and IPv6 – when the landscape used to be much more complicated.  What makes a standard a standard? Think of a true standard as an interoperability agreement. In some…


It’s a Common Theme… Video, Video and More Video

…sp;big news on the TelePresence (Collaboration / Video) front.  First, we announced the release of an interoperability protocol to the public domain that allows multi-screen TelePresence systems to interoperate.  This is a very significant step in creating a new open standard for TelePresence, similar to other industry video standards.  Secondly, we announced two new endpoints (Cisco TelePresence System 3010 and 3210) tha…


De Beer Announces End of the Word at Cisco Live

…em in person. The second—and rather more obvious—requirement for getting more people using video is interoperability. When Cisco launched TelePresence, one key piece of customer feedback was a desire to communicate with systems from other vendors.  The TelePresence interoperability issue has since largely been overcome and De Beer announced another piece of the jigsaw this morning in Barcelona. From today, Cisco is licensing its…


Interoperability key for meeting federal mandates

…doing the same for interagency collaboration, but the lack of connected systems remain a roadblock. This is why interoperability of VTC solutions is so important. Interoperability is essential for allowing disparate networks and VTC solutions to work together. Also, with cyber attack and network security on the minds of all agencies, firewalls and other security measures are often put in place with little to no consideration for video networks. T…