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R.I.P Voicemail – Long Live Messaging?

…rate Legacy Voicemail Systems” and the Q&A is posted here! Better yet, you can find the presentation from the webcast at the bottom of this page on the Collaboration Community. Finally, detailed integration guides can be found on the Interoperability Portal.Is legacy voicemail dead? Probably. Is Messaging dead? No — voicemail is transforming from plain old voicemail to true messaging in the new IP world. Long live Messaging!…


Getting smarter via long distance

…bile devices. Look for a VTC solution that not only embraces open standards, but also accommodates multi-vendor interoperability and leverages existing network infrastructures. This will allow an agency to efficiently integrate video, voice, and web components, including user endpoints, network platforms, and centralized management software. Taking it beyond the “nuts and bolts” and into the field, so to speak, is also tantamount for success, par…


From India to Intercloud

…a few Cisco colleagues entitled, “Blueprint for the Intercloud: Protocols and Formats for Cloud Computing Interoperability.”What my co-authors and I have concluded is the following:More and more Service Providers are constructing these new planet-scale virtualized data centers that are popularly called Cloud Computing. As software and expertise becomes available, enterprises and smaller Service Providers will build Cloud Computing imp…


FCoE: The Standard is Here

…s are also progressing through their own standards process:Finally, last month, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab hosted an interoperability plugfest for IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging (DCB). Testing was held in two phases. Initially, participants completed individual tests for specific DCB features such as Priority-based Flow Control (IEEE P802.1Qbb), Enhanced Transmission Selection (IEEE P802.1Qaz), and DCB Capability Exchan…


Unified We Lead

…nnel partners have known for years…the network is critical. This expanded alliance also acknowledges that interoperability is key because data, voice, and video are all important factors of Unified Communications and collaboration. This news only serves to solidify our commitment to deliver — with our channel partners — an open, interoperable solution with companies like Microsoft, Apple, and IBM.Cisco remains the only company c…