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Unified Communications: Open and Interoperable to Increase Customer Benefits

…to customers, we’ve identified with Microsoft a number of integration areas between our products, such as interoperability with Microsoft Office Communications Server and Cisco Unified Communications. This week we announced support for Microsoft’s new Office Communications Server interoperability specification with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This interoperability will allow customers to more tightly integrate Microsoft O…


More Answers on Cisco iPhone Trademark Issue

…hat does that mean? Let’s be clear…this issue is about infringement on Cisco’s trademark. On interoperability, in general, we were asking for the two companies to work together to make our products and technologies more interoperable. Cisco has been a longtime proponent of interoperability within the high-tech industry for the benefit of the companies involved and, more importantly, the end-users of those products and technol…


Interoperability is Key to Public Safety

WASHINGTON, DC — Although the 2006 hurricane season started June 1st, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration here in Washington DC reported just three tropical storms over the past 8 weeks, and no hurricanes. We’re off to a sleepy start, and that’s a very good thing. On my desk sit about 12 linear inches of various government reports about what went wrong during last year’s horrific Hurricane Katrina, written by…