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Interoperability a must for continued adoption of video conferencing

…SG3/SG4, VTEL BlueChip, CLI CTX+ as well as several other algorithms and protocols.¬†That was a time of lack of interoperability and a perception that the technology just didn’t work. Today, we have a comprehensive portfolio of standards for both H.323 and SIP and customers, who enjoy the benefits of vendor choice while still being able to communicate with others.¬† In a recent article in Telephony, the necessity of interoperability was addr…


802.11n ratification on the horizon

…mers and a non-starter for most businesses. The Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) helped bring sanity to the madness around interoperability nightmares by introducing a certification program in June 2007 based on the draft 2.0 version of the 11n standard. This certification program is a key factor behind the success of this technology to date — especially in businesses. As of today, 653 products have gone through this certification. The WFA put out…


Battlefield diagnoses with no carbon footprint

…JITC and IPv6 certifications, which ensure that we are secure and interoperable with other equipment. Security, interoperability and enhanced collaboration are the reasons that federal agencies rely heavily on this technology. Use is growing, and, as a bonus, agencies are reducing their carbon footprints and lowering communication costs. The agency wins, the environment wins and the warfighter wins. That’s good news all around. Joel Brunson…


PBX Migration – Avoiding the Headaches

…t the system upgraded to support the kind of integration you desire? Not sure what you need? Take a look at the interoperability guides. Know the cost of upgrading protocols if it is needed and the availability of the components. If the system is end of life or end of sale, you may not be able to upgrade. Know the internal routing of calls This goes hand in hand with knowing your incoming numbers and the extensions in your PBX. Be aware of any he…


R.I.P Voicemail – Long Live Messaging?

…rate Legacy Voicemail Systems” and the Q&A is posted here! Better yet, you can find the presentation from the webcast at the bottom of this page on the Collaboration Community. Finally, detailed integration guides can be found on the Interoperability Portal.Is legacy voicemail dead? Probably. Is Messaging dead? No — voicemail is transforming from plain old voicemail to true messaging in the new IP world. Long live Messaging!…