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Bringing History to Life Through Video Conferencing and Telepresence

Multimedia room of the President Library in St. Petersburg, Russia Integrating video technology into education is yielding amazing results for students who are able to hold virtual field trips and become exposed to different cultures without ever leaving the classroom. Now, other education facilities are recognizing the power of video conferencing and telepresence to enhance experiences for visitors.  For example, a recent article in InAVate ex…


Volcano Fallout: Cisco Telepresence Helps Businesses Keep Moving

…rward when events beyond your control threaten to bring it to a sudden halt? Many relied on technologies such as telepresence, videoconferencing, and WebEx as a way to keep going.  Among those turning to Cisco TelePresence was Paul Dickinson, the CEO of the Carbon Disclosure Project, a greenhouse reporting organization. The volcano prevented Dickinson from traveling to Beijing from London to interview three job applicants, according to Fortu…


How to Choose the Right Mobile Video Conferencing Solution

…roperable with any standards compliant video device.  This means users can call MCUs, appliance based endpoints, telepresence, and any other standards compliant device.  Interoperability is critical because it ensures that any deployment can grow beyond the laptop. Compatibility – It is critical that any solution supports multiple platforms like Windows 7, Mac, etc.  This means that as many users as possible can be supported. Telepresence quality…


Enabling Kenyan and US Connections Across the Human Network with TelePresence

The Deaf Aid Academy in Kenya helps demonstrate how public-private partnerships can empower the underserved. I wrote a blog post in January on Increasing Investment in ICT Capacity Building to Empower Persons with Hearing Impairment.  And now, I want to share with you what happened since then and the power of the Internet to connect people and drive change in the world. The Power of Blogging A few months later, I received an email from Len…


Telepresence Versus the Volcano in Carbon Savings

There has been a lot of discussion in the weeks following the airline disruptions from the Icelandic volcano eruption about how much was saved on Carbon emissions from the grounded planes. It’s as if Mother Nature decided to give her planet a break just in time for Earth Day. The reality is, it doesn’t take a natural disaster to reduce Carbon emissions from planes, trains or automobiles. Telepresence and video conferencing help many…