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Power of the Network in Innovation – A conversation with Tesco CIO Mike McNamara

In the world of retailing, innovation has always been part of the driving force to success.  Whether it is new store formats, new merchandise or new technologies, Tesco, a leading global retailer, has been working with Cisco and Cisco IBSG to drive innovation in retail.  Recently Lisa Fretwell, Cisco IBSG senior director for retail wrote in her blog titled “Every Little Helps” – Cisco IBSG and Tesco about her experience working with Tesco on nex…


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Innovation Engine: Cisco Ranked #1 for R&D Quality by Patent Board

…elopment, Joel Bion, for his tremendous leadership of our R&D efforts. As I often say, great engineers make innovation look easy. To our customers the message is also clear: whether it’s the 500 patents earned by the recently refreshed Catalyst 6500 (the world’s most popular switching platform) or those awarded in the creation of our ground-breaking Cisco Cius enterprise collaboration tablet, world-beating innovation is something you can alwa…


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Cisco at Verizon LTE Innovation Center Grand Opening

This past week, I attended the grand opening celebration of Verizon Wireless’ Innovation Center in Waltham, MA.  The center, which brings together companies and entrepreneurs alike, is designed to provide a collaborative, hands-on workspace to rapidly develop innovative products and services that leverage 4G LTE technology. The grand opening was an exciting event and the center was filled with innovative demos and technology tours featuring all…


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Padmasree Warrior at Cisco Live: Cisco Next-Generation Networks are Critical in Driving Innovation

…Jacoby, live and virtual attendees got the chance to see real-world examples of how Cisco technology is driving innovation now through the 21st century. Padma kicked off her talk with a few mind-boggling stats—did you know that currently 13 billion devices connect to the network? That equals two devices for every person on earth. That number is expected to grow to 50 billion devices, meaning each of us will own six. (I guess that means it’s ok if…


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Play Is a Game Changer for the WorkPlace

…ed it among the top CIO trends to watch and predicted that more than half of organizations wanting to encourage innovation would ‘gamify’ their supporting processes by 2015. Games are “proven to change behavior,” says Shaun Quigley, SVP of Digital at Brunner. According to author Traci Sitzmann, “One of the advantages of games is that they are intrinsically motivating, resulting in employees choosing to repeatedly eng…


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