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Q&A: Cisco IT’s Lessons Learned In Assessing the Risk of New Cloud Services

…look at the vendor’s application development process, infrastructure, data handling security, system-to-system interoperability, and other areas. For resiliency we focus on how they meet our standards around business continuity and disaster recovery to ensure that our business data will be there when needed, regardless of what happens. We also need to ensure that we stay compliant with regulations. A vendor that has to comply with HIPAA, SOX, or…


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Broad Industry Support Taking Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to Next Level

…carrier class OPNFV platform. Customers will thus be able to rely on tested, verified architectures for vendor interoperability. Cisco’s work on OPNFV will ensure that operators have the flexibility to create NFV solutions that transform their business operations and meet their revenue demands.  Notably, the Cisco Evolved Services Platform was built in this very spirit, and in fact has been designed from the ground up to be fully compliant with…


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The Role of Connectivity in Powering the Intercloud: Equinix

…e several similarities – many independent closed and proprietary clouds which were designed to maximize vendor revenue rather than enable interoperability, security and compliance. The combined value of Cisco and Equinix will provide fast, open, secure connectivity and will unleash the value of hybrid cloud for enterprises globally. Together with our partners we will connect the clouds to create the Intercloud.  …


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Technology Innovation: The Key to Solving Some of Our Most Pressing Transportation Challenges

…create new business models. Increasing safety and security risks, along with a disparity of systems and lack of interoperability between regions has created a difficult reality for legacy systems. Lastly, the necessity to deliver these services in an increasingly sustainable way puts added pressure on operators. These challenges are faced regardless of the mode of transportation, whether rail, roadway, aviation, maritime, freight and logistics, c…


The Summer Blockbuster You’ve Been Waiting For: Cisco Wireless Release 8.0”>

…f users. Service Provider features PMIPv6 MAG on AP and Q-in-Q tagging that provide deployment flexibility for interoperability of Wi-Fi and mobile packet core networks. A better location (blue dot) experience with more frequent location updates for Wi-Fi clients using CMX FastLocate and CMX Presence Analytics that enables customers to gain insight about visitor patterns in their venues and use it to improve business decisions. CMX for Facebook…


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