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Check out what’s new in the latest release of UCS Director!

Cisco’s award winning converged infrastructure management software solution just got even better!  In the latest release of Cisco UCS Director, we’ve added broader and deeper infrastructure support across the compute, network, storage and virtualization layers, as well making the product even more scalable.  The latest release also comes with new software development kits (SDKs) for partners to provide extensibility and interoperability an…


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Public Safety Blog Series-Government Agencies and the Future of Mobility

…e and secure mobile collaboration tools Securely sharing information within and beyond the dotted jurisdictional lines Other demands on public safety agencies go beyond the technical realm, such as governance development for interoperability projects. The idea of interoperability is a relatively new concept, requiring a shift in the systemic law enforcement paradigm to become a viable movement. Especially as history shows us that law enforcement…



Public Safety Blog Series – Connecting the Unconnected is Smart Law Enforcement

…ology, 500 homicides, per year, represents $8,750,000,000 of economic value, per year, for the United States as a nation, the neighboring communities and the city of Chicago. Multivendor LTE / P25 Public Safety Communications Interoperability Like many public safety agencies -  state, and local government, federal, and ministries of defense — Orange County, FL. public safety network faced significant with challenges of not being able to easily “…


Public Safety Blog Series-Highlights from IACP 2013 in Philly

…n on solutions for public safety and community policing, check out our Secure Mobility / BYOD Survival Guide and our new IoT enabled solutions for public safety that provide for improved capabilities to support collaboration, interoperability and increased intelligence. Stay tuned to the Cisco Government Blog site for the next installment of the public safety blog series!…


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From Product Strategy to Implementation

…sumption and deployment flexibility – both from a technology perspective (e.g. cloud and on-prem) and from a commercial perspective Investment protection – no forklift upgrades should be required to deliver value Scalable interoperability – no least common denominator effect User simplicity – because adoption = utilization = ROI Connectivity without boundaries — B2B, B2C, across firewalls and across technology generations …and, most imp…


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