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Ensuring Security and Trust Stewardship and Accountability

…, an SEC commissioner said that the SEC plans to create a requirement for corporate directors regarding managing cybersecurity as a risk. Frankly, it’s about time. In today’s cyber economy, every company is an IT company. Accountability in this risk area for businesses needs to uplevel all the way to the C-suite. Security really is everyone’s business – something Cisco has been saying for years – and it is now clear that it is…


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Threat Spotlight: Group 72, Opening the ZxShell

…ignored.  Organizations with high financial or intellectual property value should take the time to ensure their security requirements are met and that employee’s are educated about the security threats their organizations face. For additional information, please see our blog post. Protecting Users from These Threats Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is ideally suited to detect the sophisticated malware used by this threat actor. CWS or WSA web…


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#CiscoChampion Radio S1|Ep 38. Threat Focused Firewall

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Product Marketing Manager Dave Stuart, about the threat focused firewall. Brian Remmel (@bremmel) moderates and Antonio Cheltenham, Jason Alert and Sven Kutzer are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts. Listen to the Podcast. Learn about the Cisco Champions Program HERE. See a list of all #CiscoChampion Radio podcasts HERE. Cisco SME Da…


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Improving R&D Through Remote Visualization

…y to manage, track and protect those 30 designs is challenging because it’s so distributed and hard to know what security levels all partners have in place. Under the FlexPod solution, there is one version of that design/drawing and it’s in a centralized data center that you manage and protect. With this, organizations have better control over what cyber security protection they have around it and also have better control of the actual files. Dat…


The New Face in CyberSecurity

The demand for CyberSecurity professionals began to overtake the supply of talent 4-5 years ago. The estimated world-wide shortage is one million skilled security professionals. The sophistication and growth in number cyber attacks have outpaced the industries’ ability to respond in a timely manner. With the Internet of Everything and cloud computing, CyberSecurity must be foundational as a strategy for enterprises. Did you know that The 2014 Ci…


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