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Analytics at the Edge: Where the Network Becomes the Database

…front of a new market transition, as eloquently explained by Rick van der Lans in his paper, “The Network Is the Database.” The network is indeed becoming the database. Big Data and the related approach to database management are moving away from a centralized data warehouse model and literally starting to flow across the network. We are virtualizing data management by leaving data in the network, instead of copying it into a data center. Data st…


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#EngineersUnplugged S5|Ep4: Big Data

…this week’s episode of Engineers Unplugged, Floris Grandvarlet (Cisco) and Richard Pilling (Intel) take on Big Data across the proverbial pond, at Cisco Live Milan. Where are we now, how are we going to approach the ever increasing amount of data (an ocean of it) to fish for information? This is a great overview for the challenges and the evolution of approaches. Let’s watch and see what they propose to address the challenges: It&…


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Internet of Things: More than a Trend, a Real Business Opportunity

We live in the age of the mega trends. You name it, from high in the Cloud, to everywhere Mobility, Big Data, Social, Analytics and more. The Internet of Things (IoT) became part of that select group of mega trends not that long ago, and its relevance, support and understanding have been growing steadily for the past couple of years. But IoT is more than just a trend. For business it represents a huge opportunity to create and deliver new and be…


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Open innovation: Harnessing the ideas, talent and passion of the startup eco-system

…stage startups working on gaming-changing ideas for the Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE), cloud services, Big Data/analytics and other areas that are strategic to Cisco’s future.  Take the best of what Cisco and our partner eco-system can bring to startups to accelerate their product development and business growth, put that innovative capacity in an environment that embraces strategic freedom — then you have Cisco EIR.  We engage several…


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Best of Interop Finalist 2014 – Meet Cisco Nexus 9516 the new big, bad boy of Nexus 9000 Family

…exus 9504, two new additions that offer broad choices to customers to address business opportunities with cloud, big data, and complex applications and expanding the foundation for Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Cisco Nexus 9516 Switch — Front View Industry-leading Port-density and performance: I want to take you on a quick tour of the Cisco Nexus 9516 design innovations and the accelerated benefits they bring to Data Center operatio…


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