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New CSA Survey Highlights Opportunities for Data Privacy Harmonization Across Cloud, IoT and Big Data

Responses in a recent Cisco-sponsored Cloud Security Alliance survey (hyperlink) illustrate that many data privacy challenges previously cast in the  “too hard” basket can be more readily navigated though focusing on universal principles across Cloud, IoT and Big Data.  Survey responses showed a surprisingly strong level of interest in a global consumer bill of rights and responses were overwhelming in favor of the OECD data privacy principles f…


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Unlock The Value of Big Data with Cisco Unified Computing System

Big Data is not just about gathering tons of data, the digital exhaust from the internet, social media, and customer records.  The real value is in being able to analyze the data to gain a desired business outcome.   Those of us who follow the Big Data market closely never lack for something new to talk about. There is always a story about how a business is using Big Data in a different way or about some new breakthrough that has been achieved i…


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Top 10 ISV challenges with Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social Transformation

…nt using analytics tools based on software solution. Moreover, making sense out of structured and non-structured data with variety, volume and velocity of data requires different reporting solutions such as use of Big Data Analytics. Each customer click that can span across ISV’s multiple systems and possibly multiple Cloud provider partners that are part of the solution can execute multiple transactions and produce multiple logs. Some of the key…


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Fragmented Channels – Integrated Views – The New Virtuous Cycle

…h them. Some industry collaboration between vendors would help here. Correlating behavior based on when and what data has been stored in these different applications is an art at best, and is one of the reasons why a large number of behavioral patterns have to be discerned to ensure a true pattern has been spotted. Big Data processing and analysis becomes a must in this light. Some applications, especially reservation applications, do not provide…


Solving the last mile in Hadoop deployment

…make it worse, latent issues with incorrect configuration can impact application and business performance. With data volumes growing so quickly and business decision makers demanding faster response time, organizations need to find ways to consistently deploy Hadoop clusters and manage them efficiently. Introducing Cisco’s UCS Director Express for Big Data to consistently, reliably and rapidly deploy Big Data Hadoop clusters and manage them unde…