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Failure is not an Option! Real Madrid & Cisco Continue to Innovate and Partner for a Winning Formula

…t years ago we embarked on a relationship with Real Madrid to collaborate in transforming the Santiago Bernabeu stadium into the “Ultimate Bernabeu,” which would deliver a fan experience unlike any other. Our first goal was to build a network that would make the stadium the safest, and most secure in the world. That goal was closely followed by the next phase, which was to support the need for more “things” being connected to the network in the s…


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Behind the Scenes at the Ciscolive! Network Operations Center

…dy halls and conference rooms 180 x Cisco 3502P Wireless Access Points [AIR-CAP3502P-A-K9] with AIR-ANT2513NP-R stadium antennas for Keynote and World of Solutions halls 10 x Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controllers 200 x Catalyst 3560CG access switches and Catalyst 3750-X aggregation switches 6 x Catalyst 6504-E/6509-E/6513-E VSS distribution and core switches 6 x ASA5585-X 2 x Nexus 7000 data center switches 2 x UCS 5108 chassis, fully loaded 6 x…


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What an Orchestra and a Mobile Device have in Common

Orchestras are often used as metaphors for all sorts of things–organizational structure, planning sessions and even families. Have you been to the symphony recently? Musicians sit in a regimented ordering around the stage. The concertmaster sets the tune. The conductor lifts the baton. And then, with the pull of a bow across a string, or breath across a mouthpiece, the music begins. Throughout the performance, each section of the orchestra…


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Cloud for Local Government Global Blog Series, Project “Brain Gain” & The Rice Bomber (Perspective from Louis Zacharilla, Co-Founder of the Intelligent Communities Forum)

…lis is designed to create an infrastructure coordinated to local economic capabilities.  There will be a sports stadium, a cultural village and “innovation factories” which serve as living museums, places citizens go to watch the nation’s economic output as a form of entertainment.  The new underground subway will have WiMAX and more information available to travelers than most people walking the streets of San Francisco can access on their iPhon…


Connect This With That: What Is Next?

…together, creating a new reality for our world’s inhabitants. Imagine, as you pull in for a football game, the stadium automatically sends information to your car about where the best parking is located. As you enter the game, your wallet then talks to the admissions booth, so no tickets are required. What else is possible? For example, what are the technologies and products, current and future, that make it possible for an air quality index to…


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