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Courage in Sports: Titans of Social Media”>during

…dual or anyone representing a player, to use their personal Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media account during a game. While individual players embrace social media, some leagues seem to fear social media, probably because it’s something outside of their control. I will continue exploring this topic on my next blog post where I will discuss how other leagues like the NBA, NHL and MLB embrace social media in sports.  …


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London Olympics 2012 Ticket Sales – Powered by Your Social Network

…able   If you thought that was amazing, get ready for more. Learn how the National Basketball Association (NBA) has leveraged social media and jumped ahead in the game. The National Basketball Association (NBA) arguably one of the premiere sports leagues to completely integrate social media into their daily content, has taken social media to a new level. The NBA and its affiliates currently account for 277 million Twitter follows and Faceboo…


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Welcome to the New Normal

…the new normal. Want to control the camera angles as you watch your favorite basketball team? This season, TNT NBA coverage offered viewers command of four different camera angles. Welcome to the new normal. Now imagine those same powerful experiences on a continuous and global scale.  2012 marks a milestone. This year, the number of Internet-connected mobile devices will exceed the world’s population. This is a paradigm shift to what we call th…


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Going Big: Zettabytes and the NBA Finals

Things are heating up. The Oklahoma City Thunder are heading to the NBA Finals, and global IP traffic is heading into the zettabytes. Is there a connection between these two developments? Absolutely. And if you’re following the NBA on a mobile device, then you are attuned to the trifecta of elements that is now a staple of the fan experience:  the explosion of sports-focused media content, the networks that carry that content, and the evolving a…


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The Push of a Button

…ardwood! The LA Kings kick things off tonight in the NHL Playoffs, followed on Friday with the LA Lakers in the NBA Playoffs, and then a weekend of two games per day (Clippers vs. Spurs and Lakers vs. Thunder on Sat. and Kings vs. Coyotes and Clippers vs. Spurs on Sun.). Evidenced by this transformation, it’s clear that running an arena and stadium is an extremely complex operation, but through Cisco technology, operators around the world are fin…