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OpenStack Podcast #24: Stu Miniman

…much resources on it.” It’s kind of a shared development and together we can all do better. I go to innovation conferences usually about once a year and every company knows we have smart people but there’s a lot more smart people outside your company than inside your companies. That kind of communal innovation can really help drive a lot and that was one of the reasons I joined Wikibon is to be part of that type of wave. Because…


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SUMMARY: Hybrid – The Next Wave of Cloud Innovation

…create an inaccurate impression that IT is slow to respond to the needs of the business. The next wave of cloud innovation will come in the form of open, secure connectivity that drives a globally connected network of clouds—a model which we call the Intercloud. The Intercloud is a hybrid cloud model based on a mix of private, public and partner clouds that offers flexibility, security and policy management to CIOs. Click to read the full post on…


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Cloud Innovation: An Ecosystem Makes it Possible

…mentum is building with Cisco’s Intercloud strategy.  And today’s announcement brings Intercloud infrastructure innovation, as well as 14 new Intercloud providers headquartered in ten countries into Cisco’s expanding partner ecosystem. Together with our partners, Cisco is building the Intercloud – the globally connected network of clouds – delivering secure cloud applications and infrastructure everywhere in the world. It has what Chief Inf…


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Hybrid – The Next Wave of Cloud Innovation

…he inexpensive, commodity infrastructure services driven by the public cloud players is the first wave of cloud innovation, and this is a very popular option for many companies today. However, the proprietary cloud model of larger public vendors like Amazon and Google operates on the belief that companies will only need one vendor for their cloud services. We believe the next wave of cloud innovation will come in the form of open, secure connecti…


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Reflections on Mobile World Congress 2015: Transformation Through Innovation

…t just happening in Europe, or Latin America, or Asia. It’s quite literally everywhere. “Transformation through Innovation” was Cisco’s theme for this year’s Mobile World Congress, and at heart of our service provider strategy. It’s quite clear we’re onto something. In countless conversations last week with leaders of forward-thinking global service providers in Barcelona, I heard two familiar themes over and over again –“Transformation and Innov…


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