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Cisco Supports Tech Entrepreneurs in Jordan

…ging from the local ecosystem. Founded in 2009, MXD is a technology and tools provider for platform developers, gaming companies and interactive 3D online application developers. Its co-founders, Muhannad Taslaq and Baha Abu Nojaim, are examples of the diverse entrepreneurs Jordan is producing. Born and bred in Jordan and of Palestinian origin, they are graduates of Jordanian universities and active participants in promoting grassroots technology…


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Cisco ANZ CTO Looks ahead: Trends Impacting the Networking Industry in 2014

…‘cloud first’ policies. Business leaders seek IT from the most convenient supply source. Consumer experiences (gaming, video) increasingly delivered via cloud. But turbulence and danger remain. Not all workloads find clouds suitable or safe. Cloud SPs face a pricing bloodbath for commoditized services (like VMs) and are challenged with on-boarding and cost-effective, timely provisioning. Vendors, Systems Integrators, the Channel reshape and acqu…


It’s Not Too Late: Make Your ‘Digital Resolutions’ for the New Year

…nd some new ones that look interesting, and start using them instead. A word of caution on productivity drains: gaming apps remain the largest category of apps with 32% time spent, followed by Facebook at 18%. Be sure to search your favorite app store for news, productivity, business, or other apps that will add to, not distract from, productivity and value. Personally, I recommend the Cisco app in both the Apple app store and the Android Marketp…


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Discover What Consumers Want from Wi-Fi and Mobile

…centages of respondents reported using everything from laptops, smartphones, and tablets to eReaders and mobile gaming devices. Americans now own an average of three mobile devices each, up from 2.6 devices in the 2012 Cisco mobile consumer study.  Perhaps more significant, our findings show that the number of smartphone users has grown by 21 percent in just one year, now reaching 68 percent of the population, at the expense of basic phones. Most…


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Cisco UK Makes BIG Progress Toward Tech Innovation in 2013

…, where we attended the official opening of the centre and met some of the great start-ups working there in the gaming sector. It is easy to see now why Grand Theft Auto has so many Scottish references given it has its earliest roots in Dundee and Edinburgh! During the course of the year it was amazing to travel the length and breadth of the country to meet some of the amazing talent that is out there – we met with Cambridge University, Swansea U…


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