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Cisco CMX at Dreamhack Winter 2013 in Jonkoping Sweden

…do with computers, Internet and digital entertainment and culture. Naturally that means there’s a lot of gaming, communication, programming, designing, music composing..pretty much whatever forms of digital you can imagine! What struck me as most interesting was that most attendees only ranged between 15 and 25 years old, but were already making incredible use of technology and were really pushing the limits with their enormous needs for…


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Cisco Delivers Innovation at 3rd Semi-Annual HackIT

…rated to architect, design and build innovative solutions. Powered by caffeine, late-night snacks, some console gaming, and midnight pizza, these teams were hard at work throughout the night to bring forth some very creative results. Teams, Judges, Finalists & Winners For HackIT III, we decided to change things a bit. Instead of rushed presentations in front of a panel of judges and an entire audience, HackIT III winners were decide…


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The Future of Monetizing Mobility

…on opportunities such as targeted advertising fit in very organically. For example, applications such as online gaming (that needs higher download speeds) can be monetized by a service provider that offers bandwidth boost services like Turbo Boost. This is real-time or near-real time context and activity is what underpins Data in Motion and is something that can differentiate a mobile operator in the crowded Big Data space. This intelligence can…


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Day 2 of Educause 2013: Videoconferencing, Engagement and the Student Experience

…his morning, author and renowned game designer, Jane McGonigal, shared some intriguing facts about the power of gaming in higher education. A few facts she shared that I found especially interesting included – 71% of employees are not engaged (at a cost of 300 billion dollars per year), and that the longer you stay in school, the less engaged you become. Technology in the Classroom Fosters Engagement One of the primary topics of discussio…


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Cracking Your Passwords With My Video Card.

…in –max argument dedicates systems resources. If you plan on using your CUDA machine for other stuff like gaming, surfing and work stuff, lower the max number accordingly. It’s different for every machine. For my 8600 card, 500 is dedicating max resources. I use 10 for everything else except gaming and truthfully with the demand gaming tugs on a video card I do not game (on that machine) when CUDA is Crackin’. With 1500+ hashes,…