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Speed Limit 100Gbps – Cisco CRS-3 and Altibox Powers World’s Fastest Computer Party”

…Internet provider, Altibox at 100 Gbps, along with technical support provided by several of Cisco Norway’s engineers, Merete Asak and Bjornar Forthun. This isn’t the first time the CRS has played a key role in a Scandinavian gaming conference. The Swedes used our 40G technology in 2007 at their Dreamhack event as we discussed (and video here), but now this has raised the performance bar. Although they probably won’t be playing Cisco’s award…


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Let’s Game Physical: Fighting Obesity with Game Mechanics

…articipants believe in. According to the web site, “FootGaming Community Quest allows players to aggregate real world activity, the resulting social gold and a group effort toward unlocking funding to a community cause.” FootGaming Community Quest will also partner with exergame provides such as ExergameFitness or Positive Gaming, for example the iDANCE 4 Community quest option. Sounds like fun to me, let’s game physical What could be wrong with…


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Building the Ideal Home Entertainment System on a non-Rock Star Budget”

…missed that deadline, then set your sites on March and April when retailers don’t have a big draw such as the holidays, Super Bowl or World Cup, and are more willing to negotiate. Decide on your priorities.  Music, movies,  gaming, Grey’s Anatomy.  This will be helpful later when you set the budget. Set a budget.  My wife insists this should be the first step.  (Here’s a bonus tip, never marry a CPA, especially if you’re fiscally…


Gamification: The Art of Turning Work Into Play

…desired behaviors in connection with the applications. Gamification works by making technology more engaging, and by encouraging desired behaviors, taking advantage of humans’ psychological predisposition to engage in gaming. The technique can encourage people to perform chores that they ordinarily consider boring, such as completing surveys, shopping, or reading web sites. Tim Chang of Norwest Venture Partners is credited with coining…


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Cisco CLUE Part 4: Global mobile moxie – no cord, no problem

…ia Service (MMS): mobile services that include multimedia objects such as images, videos, audio, and rich text in addition to text Mobile email: email on mobile phones Mobile gaming: downloads of full games as well as online gaming on mobile phones, including single-player and multiplayer online games Mobile music: full track downloads and music streaming services on mobile phones Mobile television: scheduled TV content delivered over cellular…


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