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Important Considerations When Choosing a WAN Optimization Solution

…ng of application performance is essential to application delivery and enforcement of service level agreements. Interoperability between the WAN optimization solution and Application Performance Monitoring tools is required to overcome distortion of reporting results introduced by the TCP proxy action performed by the WAN Optimizer. WAN optimization solutions often accelerate application specific protocols that are engineered by the application v…


Clarifying Internal Cloud versus Private Cloud

…pent years building IT infrastructures, whose concerns must be addressed since reliability, security, SLAs, and interoperability will determine the success of the various cloud computing models within the enterprise. While internal and external clouds are based on the ownership of where the computing resources reside, two other cloud types – public clouds and private clouds – have more do to with the control point of the cloud appli…


802.11n Ratification – What Does this Mean for You?

…rovides easy integration of new products into the Connected Home. The Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) has been certifying interoperability of products based on Draft 2.0 of the IEEE 802.11n specification for more than two years. The WFA has affirmed that all formerly certified products will remain interoperable with the products conforming to the final standard. Please look for the following Wi-Fi Alliance logo (Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™) on any product you h…


802.11n Ratification: The IT Checklist

…pliant with the final 802.11n standard and will be grandfathered in to receive final standard certification for interoperability from the Wi-Fi Alliance. Client devices that are draft 2.0 certified are also fully compatible with the final standard. 2.)           Check your switching infrastructure.  Leading 802.11n access points can provide 200 Mbps of useable throughput per radio, enough to…


Don't you see — you need UC

…, or Microsoft Office Communicator client to join a video conference to increase that success rate. Technology interoperability issues that may present themselves can be mitigated by focusing on a standards based architecture and gateways for maximum interoperability. And, sizing the bandwidth of your communications needs upfront will ensure that you don’t oversubscribe your network. Lastly, building redundancy should help mitigate some of an or…