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Cisco’s Collaboration Imperative: The Next Market Adjacency

In a recent Q&A our Chairman and CEO John Chambers reflected on Cisco’s future growth, sharing a “Back to the Future” moment with the financial and industry analyst community: “We believe that we are very well positioned in the industry from a vision, differentiated strategy, and execution perspective. We believe we are entering the next phase of the Internet as growth and productivity will center on collaboration en…


What is JITC and what does it mean to your agency?

Recently, many of our customers have been asking about Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) testing and certification.Many of you have told us that you would like a quick overview of JITC, its importance, the procedures for pursuing certification and recertification, and how you can find the status of any product currently in the JITC process. The basics of the JITC process are outlined below. What Is JITC JITC provides test, evaluation,…


How Nurses Communicate

We recently asked hospital-based nurses to tell us about their communication challenges at work. No surprise, really, they said easier communication would improve patient care and satisfaction, improve productivity and save as much as 10 hours of overtime per week. But they also said they don’t have the communication technology and devices they need to do their jobs. You have to step back and ask yourself “why not?”Here̵…


Next week DoDIIS is the place to be

At next week’s DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, “Empowering Decision Advantage,” in Orlando, attendees will get to experience first-hand Tandberg’s New Way of Working. With our immersive Telepresence T3 solution shown in Booth #405, participants will see how video teleconferencing (VTC) allows for accelerated decision-making and creates an environment in which real-time sharing of intelligence can take place between constituents in the field with st…


Grow Your Contact Center Business with Innovation

By John Hernandez, general manager, Cisco Customer Contact Business UnitDuring challenging economic times, savvy organizations seek ways to differentiate their business through tighter customer affinity, while they plan for the inevitable recovery. One of the key investment areas to differentiate the business is the contact center. Gartner just published Market Share: Contact Centers, Worldwide, 2008 which shows that Cisco’s contact center…