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From India to Intercloud

…es and smaller Service Providers will build Cloud Computing implementations.Active work needs to occur to create interoperability amongst varied implementations of these Clouds.From the lower level, challenges around network addressing, to multicast enablement, to virtual machine mechanics; to the higher level interoperability desires of services; this is an area deserving of much progress and will require the cooperation of several large industr…


FCoE: The Standard is Here

…ns are also progressing through their own standards process:Finally, last month, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab hosted an interoperability plugfest for IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging (DCB). Testing was held in two phases. Initially, participants completed individual tests for specific DCB features such as Priority-based Flow Control (IEEE P802.1Qbb), Enhanced Transmission Selection (IEEE P802.1Qaz), and DCB Capability Excha…


Unified We Lead

Did a press interview this week and was asked what I thought of the recent HP and Microsoft expanded alliance in Unified Communications. As we prepare to host more than 1,500 partners, press, and analysts next week in Boston and roughly 4,500 virtually for our annual Partner Summit, I thought you’d like to know my response.The HP/Microsoft expanded alliance confirms what Cisco and our channel partners have known for years…the network…


Cisco’s Collaboration Imperative: The Next Market Adjacency

In a recent Q&A our Chairman and CEO John Chambers reflected on Cisco’s future growth, sharing a “Back to the Future” moment with the financial and industry analyst community: “We believe that we are very well positioned in the industry from a vision, differentiated strategy, and execution perspective. We believe we are entering the next phase of the Internet as growth and productivity will center on collaboration en…


What is JITC and what does it mean to your agency?

Recently, many of our customers have been asking about Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) testing and certification.Many of you have told us that you would like a quick overview of JITC, its importance, the procedures for pursuing certification and recertification, and how you can find the status of any product currently in the JITC process. The basics of the JITC process are outlined below. What Is JITC JITC provides test, evaluation,…