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Getting through customs without removing my shoes?

After adding some new stamps to my passport last week, I was reminded of a blog entry I wrote several months back about the frustration of not being able to move between worlds without the equivalent of a strip search, or a complete disrobing. We give up our names, our possessions, our reputation….you name it.But today I was pleasantly surprised to see this article on the rumors of Google’s Social Graph API . Now I’m sure p…


Where Worlds Collide

My group at Cisco works on mobile Internet products, so I follow the news in this area closely. A common theme is the stresses that arise along the boundary between two business models: that of the mobile industry and that of the Internet industry. Analogies that come to mind are crystal grain boundaries (I live in Silicon Valley) or platectonic boundaries (near the San Andreas fault ), regions of dislocation and instability. While some migh…


Unified Communications = Opportunities for Service Providers

There continues to be lots of”buzz” in the marketplace around Unified Communications (UC). Just last week I met with several enterprise customers in Europe and there was consensus amongst them that service providers can play a key role in the delivery of UC. Some observations that I gleaned include the following:1) The definition of UC is all over the map. Some people include integration of identity management and presence in their d…


Chambers, Ballmer Address Customer Needs as the Network and Software Intersect

As I’m posting this, Cisco CEO John Chambers and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer are on stage discussing the future of the technology industry and their shared vision for addressing today’s customer requirements. We are at an inflection point as the industry evolves and the network and software continue to intersect, especially through the Internet. (If you are reading blog post this before 11:30AM ET, you can access the webcast here.)…


Cisco, Duke University and Apple’s iPhone

In early July, Duke University began seeing portions of its wireless network reset and come back online 10-15 minutes later. After a preliminary investigation from Duke’s IT staff, it was determined that Apple iPhones were likely involved with Cisco wireless access points relating to Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests. Duke reached out to Cisco and Apple for assistance to help find the root cause and to determine how to mitigate th…