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The Unified Computing Story, or ‘Cisco’s History in the Data Center’

With our announcement of our Unified Computing System on Monday, I wanted to provide a little bit of the historical context of how Cisco got into the data center technology space:A lot of people say it started with the Nexus line, others say our entrance into storage with the MDS SAN Director.  I think it started a little bit before those, back in 1996….In 1996 Cisco introduced the Channel Interface Processor for the Cisco 7500 series…


Building a Better Blade Server – Network Style….

I’ve been asked a lot about why would Cisco build a blade server recently. I don’t know where these rumors and speculation come from. But notwithstanding I thought I would write out the answers I usually give. 1) Cisco is NOT building a blade server. What we are doing with Unified Computing is so much more than just a blade server that even using terms like blade server in the same sentence with Unified Computing doesn’t do…


Is the Intercloud History Repeated?

…y find themselves having to agree on standards and open pathways between the two clouds. Increasing interest in interoperability among cloud vendors. Surprisingly, vendors that stand to gain somewhat from cloud lock-in are admitting that customers are hesitant to move to the cloud for just that reason. Thus, cloud vendors are pursuing interoperability options, despite the huge problems presented by differing infrastructure, impedence mismatches…


VIDEO: CTO Response to Questions on Unified Computing

There has been a lot of chatter about Cisco and unified computing and the data center/virtualization space…as well as what markets we are or are not entering. Our CTO, Padmasree Warrior, posted a blog on the topic of “unified computing” a few weeks ago and this blog entry is a follow-up to that post. In this video, she answers some of the common questions she’s been getting about unified computing, including why custome…


US DTV Cutover: re-purposing spectrum is harder than you think

With just 20 days until US analog television broadcasting shuts down, the various parts of the federal government are in a dither over whether to hit the brakes to give themselves four more months to prepare for the dawn of the all-digital TV age. A bill pending in Congress, crafted in response to a Obama Transition Team request, would change the date from February 17 to June 12, 2009. The radio spectrum that the old analog broadcasting serv…