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Innovation through Diverse Perspectives

…f the median for other large firms in their industries” This point doesn’t demonstrate that women make better executives than men; it simply shows that there is more than one way of being an executive and that having a mix of styles and experiences brings a new, profitable dimension to a company. So why are so many companies still adverse to “different” thinking when diverse perspectives can drive innovation?…


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Collaboration: with MACS from Cisco it’s as if you’re really there!

We hear a lot about Collaboration and Innovation these days.  People try to define what each word means, and how they relate to each other. Probably the best source I’ve found so far is in a great blog by Carlos Domingez that addresses just that. Carlos is one of Cisco’s senior thought leaders, so check out his blog here: Collaboration: What Does it really mean? It’s a fascinating read, especially the references to  Evan Rosen …


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Collaboration: What Does it really mean?

…sults.  Deciding not to collaborate is a better option than bad collaboration. 5.    Used interchangeably with “innovation” –  There is clearly some confusion with the relationship between collaboration and innovation.  By being innovative you aren’t necessarily being collaborative and vise versa.  There are interdependencies between the two but they are not the same thing. I believe these five points are worth exploring in greater depth but I’ll…


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Economic Innovation within Established Markets

…in the area with plans to use the Olympic Park press and broadcast centers beyond the 2012 Games — as an innovation accelerator, offering flexible office space, facilities and expertise. Bringing Together Creativity and Energy Several leading companies have already said they will commit to invest in the long-term future of the area. I was born and raised in the East End of London, this is my home town neighborhood, so I was thrilled when…


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Sunny day at Cisco Live London 2011

…d that “ The network changes the way citizens work, live , play and learn, transforming competitiveness through innovation and productivity” Then he insisted that “people in this room should not underestimate the role they play in future success of Europe..Economy based on Innovation and creating unprecedented productivity levels “ Then he described the movement from “Information Economy” to “Networked Economy” with profits created by providing…


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