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What is our track record on Innovation?

…roducts). The 4 publicly announced business units are:1. TelePresence: the next best thing to teleportation2. IP Interoperability & Communications Systems (IPICS: radio & telephony interoperability)3. Digital Media Systems (desktop video & signage)4. Physical Security (video surveillance)Each of these business units has been incubated in our group, which means we hire the founders (half from inside Cisco, half from industry), build…


Why is Cisco launching the Cisco I-Prize? Are we running out of ideas?

Cisco spends 4.5 B$ annually on R&D. We also do acquisitions. The perception in the media is often that Cisco”buys its way into innovation”. While it is true that acquisitions are a key part of our overall strategy (124 acquisitions to-date, about one every three weeks), there’s more to Cisco’s innovation than the Borg model (“œresistance is futile-you will be assimilated”) (for you non-Trekkies, see: Wi…


Ode to Interoperability

…ch to monitor the growth of the industry.Next, and possibly more contentious, is the notion of the Virtual World Interoperability Forum. This requires a bit more elaboration……There have been discussions going on within the game-driven virtual world community for many many years to determine what level of interoperability, if any, these platforms need to share. Obviously, there is considerably less motivation for me to take my Halo s…


Keynote Shorthand

…oomfield at Cornell are on the MMI page.The next announcement is a work in progress, which is the Virtual Worlds Interoperability council (or Forum, as I stated in my talk). This is a nascent effort of a number of vendors to start the interoperability dialogue sooner rather than later, with the hopes of identifying the key use cases where virtual worlds should be able to communicate with the broader Internet and world wide web, as well as each o…


Ecosystems at WiMax World

This week, I had the privilege of speaking on a panel at WiMax World in Chicago. My fellow panelists and I spoke about the advantages and challenges of WiMax, with a particular emphasis on the ecosystem surrounding the technology. In fact, “ecosystem” (as defined by Dr. James Moore) was the key buzzword at the conference, as participants realize the advantages of this technology will only impact the market if a critical mass of co…