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Green Learning for Cisco Partners Using iPads

…lutions. To honor Learning Partners who demonstrated outstanding achievement in Acceleration, Collaboration, and Innovation over the past year, the Learning Partner Awards were handed out at this year’s Partner Summit. Tech 2000, the Global winner for Innovation, earned its stripes by pioneering new training modalities (ways of learning) that include Apple’s new iPad. Here’s Tech 2000′s CEO George Churchwell showing off &#…


Innovation for Country Transformation

A few months ago, I had the honor of representing the United States as part of the first ever U.S. – Russia Innovation Dialogue. This delegation was a part of the broader initiative launched by the Bilateral Presidential Commission created by Presidents Obama and Medvedev in July 2009. The delegation consisted of senior executives from eBay, EDventure, Mozilla, Howcast, Twitter, Social Gaming Network, Katalyst, the NY Academy of Scien…


Day Two Partner Summit: Innovation and Demonstrations

Video, the network, and the next generation of the Internet: Those were the themes speakers covered at Wednesday’s Partner Summit general session. Padmasree Warrior, Cisco’s CTO, started things off by talking about how video will be central to business deals, communication, and interactions. She also remarked that the Internet is expanding from a superhighway to a platform that is transforming industries, and noted that the network…


Global innovation is alive and well!

In conducting the Cisco I-Prize, one of our key theories is that innovation is alive and well across the globe – but we need the right kind of collaborative tools and incentives to unlock it.  I think we can definitely conclude that our theory has proved itself one again, beyond our wildest expectations.   There are currently over 2300 participants who have generated over 700 new ideas so far – A phenomenal level of in…


Mobile Life: New Growth and Innovation Transforming Our Day-to-Day Experiences

…enablement is permeating many of our day-to-day experiences. Whereas the mobile industry has focused on device innovation over the past two years, a shift toward application innovation has now taken hold. Device innovation remains strong, but manufacturers and carriers now realize the degree to which applications can drive users to adopt mobile data and rapidly increase their usage. Nearly every carrier and handset manufacturer is talking about…