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Architecting a Reliable Wireless Network

Few question that the age of mobility is upon us. The emergence of a global economy is facilitated by the basic mobility of goods, services and people. For many, the idea of mobility has become second nature. Of course, the structures for mobility -transportation, logistics, infrastructure -must be robust and reliable lest the mobile quickly become immobile. Given this, it is critical that the wireless industry focus R&D on improving netwo…


SP CTO Update

Since my last posting welcoming the Chinese New Year in January, I have been fairly busy and yes standards has been definitely top of mind. So in January 2008, the ITU-T SG 13 was hosted in Seoul, South Korea.The crux of the meeting was around TMPLS OAM Requirements, draft G.8113 and TMPLS OAM Mechanisms, draft G.8114 in Question 5 of SG 13. IETF-IAB sent key leadership members to participate in the meeting as representatives of the Internet…


Is 802.11n Right for You?

…he question of whether the technology is ready. The definition of”standard” includes consistency and interoperability -which are more a function of Wi-Fi certification than IEEE specification. Consider briefly the relationship of the original 802.11b to Wi-Fi, 802.11i to WPA2 and 802.11e to WMM. Businesses don’t deploy an IEEE specification; rather, a standard that guarantees interoperability. The same rings true for 802.11n. Wh…


Meanwhile Back at the Ranch : What about CableCARDs?

With all the talk about DCAS and secure download for cable and IPTV, let’s not forget CableCARDsUntil downloadable conditional access system (DCAS) and the IPTV Interoperability Forum’s (IIF) secure download become available for wide deployment, CableCARD and the ATIS (the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions) point of deployment (APOD) module (specs for which are currently near finalization) will provide present and ne…


Downloadable Security : Both Sides of the Fence

A lot has been written about a downloadable conditional access system (DCAS) in the cable industry (including a post I wrote a few weeks ago), but what’s going on over on the telecom side of the video marketplace? In the IPTV arena, we’re working through the issues relevant to secure download within the IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF). Our approach will use some similar technologies to what DCAS is delivering for cable, but it is…