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Cisco WebEx Mail has arrived!

…lution (using technology from the acquisition of PostPath in 2008) which features native Microsoft Outlook interoperability, optimized mobile device support, and browser-independent AJAX web 2.0 access. Hear details on Cisco WebEx Mail from Duncan Greatwood, Senior Director of Cisco WebEx Mail and former CEO of PostPath: READERS:  What are your thoughts on the Cisco WebEx Mail news?  Do you think enterp…


Networking Standards: A Vendor Litmus Test for Open Systems

…are you working on now with competitors? What does this work entail? Initial specification? Joint development? Interoperability testing? ●    Actively enlist the support and contributions of network operators in shaping standards. Without operator input, a standard risks being off the mark in terms of delivering real value in a production network. We have seen many a standard rise and then fall (some surprisingly fast, some…


MPI-3 Fortran Community Feedback Needed!

…lt Fortran integers.  Perhaps it is time to revisit the size of integer arguments in light of two issues: Interoperability with the underlying MPI implementation in C.  While integers are likely to be the same size between Fortran and C, they are not required to be, and therefore it might be wise to provide a finer level of control by specifying the precise size (Fortran kind parameter) in MPI-3 Fortran interfaces. Some MPI Fortran use…


Important Considerations When Choosing a WAN Optimization Solution

…ng of application performance is essential to application delivery and enforcement of service level agreements. Interoperability between the WAN optimization solution and Application Performance Monitoring tools is required to overcome distortion of reporting results introduced by the TCP proxy action performed by the WAN Optimizer. WAN optimization solutions often accelerate application specific protocols that are engineered by the application v…


Clarifying Internal Cloud versus Private Cloud

…pent years building IT infrastructures, whose concerns must be addressed since reliability, security, SLAs, and interoperability will determine the success of the various cloud computing models within the enterprise. While internal and external clouds are based on the ownership of where the computing resources reside, two other cloud types – public clouds and private clouds – have more do to with the control point of the cloud appli…