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VTC — empowering the new Guard

…solutions that would require significant investments and overhauls in their network infrastructure. This is why interoperability is so important for the National Guard, Air National Guard and other agencies. VTC solutions, such as those offered by TANDBERG, are interoperable and can function with network equipment from many different vendors. This ensures VTC solutions can be implemented without significant investments and overhauls in the datace…


Can you see me now?

…erceived issues with clarity. In fact, TANDBERG just announced that its Codian MSE 8000 Solution received Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification from the Federal government. The Codian family is the first and only truly high definition video conferencing bridge to be JITC certified. This certification acts as a virtual stamp of approval, and adds the Codian series to a list of pre-tested products that government organizations an…


Architecting Borderless Networks with a Systems Approach–w”

…rable devices, which are difficult to manage, require expensive support, and may necessitate replacement if non-interoperability inhibits feature integration. The Yankee Group’s paper points to the systems approach as the best way to ensure a flexible network that keeps up with innovation, is easy to manage, and typically has a lower TCO over time. With fast-moving industry trends in unified and video based communications, virtualization, S…


Cisco WebEx Mail has arrived!

…lution (using technology from the acquisition of PostPath in 2008) which features native Microsoft Outlook interoperability, optimized mobile device support, and browser-independent AJAX web 2.0 access. Hear details on Cisco WebEx Mail from Duncan Greatwood, Senior Director of Cisco WebEx Mail and former CEO of PostPath: READERS:  What are your thoughts on the Cisco WebEx Mail news?  Do you think enterp…


Networking Standards: A Vendor Litmus Test for Open Systems

…are you working on now with competitors? What does this work entail? Initial specification? Joint development? Interoperability testing? ●    Actively enlist the support and contributions of network operators in shaping standards. Without operator input, a standard risks being off the mark in terms of delivering real value in a production network. We have seen many a standard rise and then fall (some surprisingly fast, some…