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Don't you see — you need UC

…s, or Microsoft Office Communicator client to join a video conference to increase that success rate. Technology interoperability issues that may present themselves can be mitigated by focusing on a standards based architecture and gateways for maximum interoperability. And, sizing the bandwidth of your communications needs upfront will ensure that you don’t oversubscribe your network. Lastly, building redundancy should help mitigate some of an o…


Interoperability key to giving warfighters the edge in battle

…8220;The warfighter’s edge in battle.” The consistent theme we’ve heard at the conference and show is that interoperability and speed of communication are two of the largest determining factors in whether a warfighter wins or loses.   TANDBERG products are built with interoperability in mind, and speed of communication is one of the reasons why our products are in high demand in many government agencies and organizations…certainly the US mi…


The Seven Years of Creating “N”

When was the last time it took you seven years to complete a project? I’d venture a guess that for most of us, a seven year time horizon to do anything seems like a pretty long time. Yet, in just shy of a month the IEEE will close the final chapter on a standards ratification process that will have lasted almost exactly seven years. The IEEE will ratify the 802.11n standard for high-speed wireless, removing the final hurdle for adoption by…


Maximizing the Value of Video Conferencing and Telepresence Through Interoperability

…act, industry analysts at Frost & Sullivan recently released a report, Maximizing the Value of Telepresence: Interoperability is Key to Success, in which they recommend, “As companies evaluate and deploy a telepresence solution, they should pay particular attention to interoperability. For maximum value, the telepresence technology must integrate with other video conferencing systems, inside and outside their own organization, and regardless…


Interoperability a must for continued adoption of video conferencing

…s SG3/SG4, VTEL BlueChip, CLI CTX+ as well as several other algorithms and protocols. That was a time of lack of interoperability and a perception that the technology just didn’t work. Today, we have a comprehensive portfolio of standards for both H.323 and SIP and customers, who enjoy the benefits of vendor choice while still being able to communicate with others.  In a recent article in Telephony, the necessity of interoperability was add…