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Why Cisco Supports Standards for Interoperable MPLS

…had already gone home. The justification provided by some members was based on few pilot deployments and older interoperability results of T-MPLS technology between two vendors. The result is a potential paralysis of future work with a possible outcome being two different development tracks – creating significant expense for both service providers and equipment vendors. T-MPLS is based on Y.1731 Ethernet OAM which is quite different from M…


The Long-Awaited Video-Centric Collaboration Boom: Why This Time it Really is Different (Part 2 of 3)

…I believe we will see tremendous activity in this space as we work out the kinks in multi-screen, multi-vendor interoperability. Another area that I believe will see tremendous growth is the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) space. Companies with less than 100 employees constitute 99.3% of the businesses out there globally, and employ over 90% of the global work force. However, the barriers for entry to video have traditionally been prohibitivel…


The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

…tity Provider? What is the international structure of NSTIC? In today’s global business environment, the interoperability of the technical components and the ability to extend the trust relationships across international boundaries is critical. How does the governance structure work? NSTIC describes a model where the participants are accredited by a number of entities that are certified by a Governance Authority. It would be good to know…


Public Safety and Security – New India Documentary

…tional Intelligence Grid endeavor is a world-class integrated national security database Cisco IPICS – IP Interoperability and Collaboration System Mumbai Attacks – the problem is distant no longer. Technology does not take a bullet How to make better decisions How to project Command and Control Cisco NERV – Network Emergency Response Vehicle Collecting and coordinating real time threat information Technology that can exceed…


Cisco Highlights the Role of Video in the Future of Business at InfoComm 2010

…e, collaborate and manage business today, and he delivered a very impressive demonstration of Cisco TelePresene interoperability and the Cisco Pulse application. Watch the video below of Marthin De Beer discussing Cisco’s presence at InfoComm 2010 and access a link to the full recording of his Keynote speech: Cisco also made some very important product announcements at InfoComm 2010: the biggest is that Cisco is fulfilling commitments to…