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The Facts about Innovation Leadership in Networking.”>you

…tisements ridiculing Cisco a while back. I guess that didn’t count. Here’s the issue. If you’re going to claim innovation leadership in networking, you better be prepared to back it up with facts. What matters most to customers is whether their networking partner is ready right now to help them adapt to, and benefit from, the massive network-centric changes that are transforming their businesses and their customers’ businesses. My recent trip t…


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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: September 12-16

…s matter more now than ever, and so does your choice of networking partner. 2.) Innovators: Joel Bion, Defining Innovation Joel Bion’s career spans two decades at Cisco with innovation at the heart of what he does. Listen to how Bion defines innovation, in his own words. How do you define innovation? 3.) Graffiti and Trash Go to the Cloud Towns and cities around the world are plagued by graffiti, “fly-tipping” and other envir…


Machine Builder Business Models, Sustainability and Innovation

…? That is sort of what happened to us. Washing machines have dramatically changed in technology and efficiency (innovation at its best), but the new models are front-load and are deeper. Same width, same connections. Aesthetically different colors, so clearly we had to replace the dryer too. And to make it easier to use the front-load machines, they have these optional pedestals that elevate the machine. Fortunately our laundry room space was dee…


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Among TechAmerica IT Policy Recommendations, Innovation Key for State & Local Government

…ted costs, productivity, costs of downtime, all while creating a more collaborative environment that encourages innovation. The Department of Transportation in Alabama is a great example of how telepresence can increase productivity and reduce expenses, using the technology for everything from new hire trainings to external meetings. The Federal government is also adopting this innovative technology to help keep the Department of Defense running…


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Metro Ethernet Forum Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation

…vice level guarantees that can traverse the metro, the nation, or the globe across any media. Generations of innovations and new service application drivers (mobile broadband, video, and cloud) for Carrier Ethernet have been rapidly driven forward by the dedicated efforts and influence of the MEF volunteers.   As with new generations of music, adoption of Carrier Ethernet services in the marketplace was not without similar challenges to overco…


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