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Architecting Borderless Networks with a Systems Approach–w”

Cisco’s Borderless Networks initiative comes at a time when network technology is more important than ever before in driving growth and ROI for businesses. Connecting anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world, and improving your ability to effectively deliver critical applications and services, requires a paradigm shift away from a “plumbing” view of the network. The network doesn’t just pump data from one place to anoth…


Cisco WebEx Mail has arrived!

Yes folks, it’s here.  This week Cisco introduced the next evolution of corporate-grade email, Cisco WebEx Mail.  It is a hosted email solution (using technology from the acquisition of PostPath in 2008) which features native Microsoft Outlook interoperability, optimized mobile device support, and browser-independent AJAX web 2.0 access. Hear details on Cisco WebEx Mail from Duncan Greatwood, Senior Director of Cisco WebEx…


Networking Standards: A Vendor Litmus Test for Open Systems

…e basis for a developing standard? ●    Allocate significant staff and systems resources to interoperability testing. Defining and ratifying a standard are just the first steps towards open systems success. Next,  vendors must develop compliant products. Then, these compliant products must be certified to work properly through interoperability tests — tests that prove a standardized solution will deliver on its pro…


MPI-3 Fortran Community Feedback Needed!

As many of you know, I’m an active member of the MPI Forum.  We have recently completed MPI-2.2 and have shifted our sights to focus on MPI-3.  For some inexplicable reason, I’ve become heavily involved in the MPI-3 Fortran working group.  There are some well-known problems with the MPI-2 Fortran 90 interfaces; the short version of the MPI-3 Fortran WG’s mission is to “fix those problems.”  A gre…


Important Considerations When Choosing a WAN Optimization Solution

WAN optimization technology is becoming more strategic to application delivery as IT organizations become more dependent on the WAN for delivery of applications and services to remote users. In initial trials many IT organizations deployed this technology to a few key locations to solve bandwidth or latency challenges. The main selection criteria were around the core features such as data compression and application response time improvements. T…