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Setting the Record Straight

There has been some concern that Cisco’s efforts around FCoE and Data Center Ethernet are proprietary implementations and not supported by the industry. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that FCoE and Data Center Ethernet enjoy support from a variety of vendors and are being adopted by many standards bodies including IEEE and INCITS T11.Many vendors including Intel, Emulex, and QLogic have already announced FCoE and Da…


Efficiency Analysis

One of the things I’ve noticed over the last year is the tactic by some vendors to hop on the Green bandwagon and try to use the attention being paid to it as a competitive differentiator. Let me be the first to say (as someone with ~10 years in facilities) beware of bad or incomplete math. Analyzing the efficiency of a single box is less complicated than you might think. Let me try to impart some lessons learned in planning the power a…


Interop 2008

…greatest…What made Interop unique is that in a way it and by some measure the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab really helped spur an industry. While Ethernet evolved ‘in the open’ and the interworking between vendors was tested openly at events like Interop some other areas where this openness did not exist caused massive vendor interoperability problems, FibreChannel comes glaringly to mind. The two main ven…


Cisco MDS 9500 Continues to Innovate

As Doug mentioned in his recent blog: MDS platform is here to stay. There have been a lot of announcements from Cisco recently on Nexus, FCoE, and Data Center Ethernet and that’s certainly important news. However, the MDS quietly continues to innovate in the Fibre Channel market while maintaining a leadership position in Director market share (Dell’Oro…


The Internet of Things

Jean Philippe Vasseur, a Distinguished Engineer with the NSSTG Systems and Technology Architecture team, has a passion-¬Ěsomething he refers to as “The Internet of things.” The concept of a world where inanimate objects communicate with us and one another over the network via tiny intelligent object fascinates Vasseur.While sensor technology such as motion detecting lights have been around for quite some time now, not much has been do…