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ShowNotes: The Engineering Behind TelePresence

…f chicken’ for Jimmy Ray agreeing to work on a voice project with Tina.)   Segment 3: TelePresence Interoperability Protocol The future of simple interoperability can be found within the innovation of open protocols like TIP that allow any vendor to inter-operate.  Cisco TelePresence Engineer Michael Thomma stops by the lab to help dissect the protocol. He and Jimmy Ray dive into how TIP, based on open standards, allows vendors…


Forrester Acknowledges Cisco as a Leader among WAN Optimization Vendors

…t includes appliances as well as router blades, and a mobile client solution that is certified by Microsoft for interoperability. An innovation that Forrester calls out is the ability to virtualize Microsoft servers on the WAAS appliances: which increases IT agility while lowering costs in the branch office.   On the technology side, Forrester commented that Cisco offers a strong suite of optimization techniques across caching, traffic manag…


How Internet standards are born: Part 3

…nal interview with Cisco standards experts, I talked with Andrew Myles. He is focused on wireless standards and interoperability activities, with a distinct Wi-Fi bias. Andrew has contributed to standardisation activities in the IEEE 802.11 Working Group since 2001. He was the Editor of IEEE 802.11h (Spectrum Management) and is currently the Chairman of the IEEE 802.11 JTC1 ad hoc committee and the 802 Liaison to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6. Andrew has been…


Interoperability is the key

…ure. The key to enabling interagency collaboration and communication across these varied, disparate networks is interoperability. At TANDBERG, interoperability and firewall traversal are some of the most important features of our VTC solutions. In fact, TANDBERG was first to deliver a telepresence solution that could interoperate with third-party systems, the first to enable high-definition video between Microsoft Office Communicator and multi-s…


Cisco TelePresence – New Options, Deeper Understanding

…ons of bandwidth type conversation, there are a couple of gems you will want to take into account. TelePresence Interoperability Protocol- this is brand new stuff – we tackle interoperability plans head on here with a deep dive on the unique thought leadership many are not aware of.   (Much of this show will go into depth on things just covered by articles from: Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch (CTMS) – Shobana Shankar…