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Using Telepresence to Dance Across Borders

…true dedication. Despite a twelve hour time difference between Shanghai and New York, young dancers  are using TelePresence technology to rehearse for their National Dance Institute production of “The Red Thread” later this month in both NY and CT. This real-time collaboration has enabled the dancers to start preparations for their performance before they ever meet face-to-face. “Both the arts and technology open people’s…


LeBron James Needs Cisco TelePresence

…th the Cleveland Cavaliers?  All I could think about last night was how he could really benefit from Cisco TelePresence.  I’d be happy to offer up our Richfield office TelePresence room so that he can have discussions with other teams and coaches.   After all Cisco has TelePresence Suites in every major city across the globe.  Better yet, LeBron should build a Telepresence Suite in his house.  Think of all the…


Cisco’s Strategy is 7″ Wide

…, Video – eCommerce, Education, Gaming, Social Media. At times we layered in devices such as IP Phones or Telepresence screens or Unified Computing that leveraged the services of the network to deliver unique new customer experiences. Throughout our evolution, we extended the boundaries of the workplace as people and businesses evolved, merging the need for business interaction and personal interactions. With each new innovation or acquisit…


Telepresence and Teaching Go Hand in Hand

The use of video conferencing and telepresence in the classroom is not a novelty. We have seen video technology used for virtual field trips, presenting guest speakers and allowing for remote classrooms. What is new is the use of video to offer interpreting services to students for both the use of teaching another language as well as closing the communication gap between students who speak a different language. A previous post highlighted how th…


Exploring Excellence, Together, at ISTE

…to have our newest family member, Tandberg, next door to us on the show floor adding new products in video and TelePresence to our offerings for Education industry.  We will be joined by education leaders, key partners, and customers.  Together with Tandberg, we are showcasing our Connected Learning solutions that help transform teaching and learning and enhance the educational experience for our students.  For the first time ever at an educatio…


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