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Using Telepresence to Dance Across Borders

…lly a form of expression. The way we move and the timing of the movement are how we express ourselves, and Cisco TelePresence can help ensure that none of this expression is lost.” d’Amboise goes on to say that with the help of technology, “these dancers are able to transcend physical distance to be simultaneously moved by the same beautiful piece of music and elegant movements.” Telepresence technology has been changing t…


LeBron James Needs Cisco TelePresence

…ith the Cleveland Cavaliers?  All I could think about last night was how he could really benefit from Cisco TelePresence.  I’d be happy to offer up our Richfield office TelePresence room so that he can have discussions with other teams and coaches.   After all Cisco has TelePresence Suites in every major city across the globe.  Better yet, LeBron should build a Telepresence Suite in his house.  Think of all th…


Cisco’s Strategy is 7″ Wide

…n take advantage of Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud architectures for WebEx, Unified Communications, Telepresence or other collaboration services. It takes the amazing Cisco High-Definition Telepresence experience that was previously only available at the higher-end and delivers it to any individual. It fits in the palm of your hand and delivers a personal, social experience. And it’s built on the open Android platform so it can…


Telepresence and Teaching Go Hand in Hand

The use of video conferencing and telepresence in the classroom is not a novelty. We have seen video technology used for virtual field trips, presenting guest speakers and allowing for remote classrooms. What is new is the use of video to offer interpreting services to students for both the use of teaching another language as well as closing the communication gap between students who speak a different language. A previous post highlighted how th…


Exploring Excellence, Together, at ISTE

…nal experience for our students.  For the first time ever at an education event, we will jointly demonstrate our TelePresence solutions designed specifically for an education environment. We will be featuring our Video Enabled Teaching and Learning Solutions, including Cisco MXE 3500 (Media Experience Engine) , Cisco Show and Share , Cisco TelePresence ™ , Digital Media Suite , WebEx® for Education , Flip Video ™ camcorders and theMedianet…


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