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News from Cisco Live! – Announcing Cisco Network Registrar Jumpstart

…Both Service Provider and Enterprise customers are looking for solutions to help them manage the transition to IPv6. We’re also hearing more on the importance of reliable DNS and DHCP the keys to reliable connectivity and internet access. The internet is becoming increasingly critical to all types of businesses and outages can lead to revenue loss not just inconvenience. To help Enterprises and Service Providers get fast time-to-value from highl…


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Lighting up Cisco Live 2011 Vegas!

…. You can check out NCS on the monitors outside the NOC and in the Cisco booth. We’ve also got full support for IPv6 connectivity for the WiFi network this year. I talk to a lot of our customers and partners while doing my day job and IPv6 has been coming up more and more lately. Some are embracing it, while others are being dragged kicking and screaming towards the inevitable. In any case, IPv6 is finally here and it’ll be an interesting ride ov…


Simplifying IP Address Management and the Transition to IPv6

…twork Management Technology Group With the growth in connected devices and the imminent transition from IPv4 to IPv6, managing IP address has become increasingly critical and complex. Organizations can no longer rely on spreadsheets to track IP address allocations. What is required is the ability to discover IP addresses and proactively manage their allocation, both to optimize IPv4 addresses and plan for the move to IPv6. Cisco Prime Network Reg…


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New Switch Will Help You and Your Customers Tackle Networking Challenges

…be ready to face all the changes ahead. The new innovations include industry firsts, such as seamless IPv4 and IPv6 support from the switch’s hardware platform, new network virtualization capabilities, a comprehensive set of L4-7 integrated services modules, and new application performance and visibility monitoring through a completely revamped implementation of NetFlow. The new supervisor engine can increase the throughput capability of the Cat…


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This Week at Cisco Live 2011: Networking, Cloud, Virtualization, and More!

…isco Live 2011 including sessions on unified computing system (UCS), data center-virtualization, and enterprise IPv6 deployment (just to name a few). Check out all of the events here. Can’t Get to Las Vegas? Attend Cisco Live Virtual! For those of you who can’t get to Las Vegas, you can still join in on the fun by attending virtually. Registration is free so log in now for instant access. Hear something interesting in one of the sessions? Wheth…


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