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Vegas or Virtual?

…xclusive to the virtual audience! Live technical sessions and panel discussions on a range of topics including IPV6, Data Center and Virtualization, Network Management Security, Unified Computing System, Architectural business Sessions and more Whitepapers, videos, reference materials and case studies from Cisco and key partners in the Exhibitor Resource Centers A Memory Match, Jargon Jumble, Show Prize and Best Blogger contest you can play to…


Smart Grid Progress in Russia

…hnologies on the power grid. This is why Cisco is aiming to establish a complete communications fabric based on IPv6 standards that marries information technology with energy technology. Cisco is providing solutions for complete, resilient and two-way communications throughout all critical points of the energy infrastructure, from data centers and substations through neighborhood area networks and within homes. The communications fabric , much li…


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Secure Networking for (Really) Small Businesses

…reless guest access for your customers, partners and suppliers. The new router comes with what’s called “native IPv6 support”, which means that when new applications come out in the future, you won’t need to buy a new, different router to be able to use them.  It is also covered under Cisco’s Investment Protection program, which means if a business already has an older Cisco small business router, they can simply trade it in for the new RV110W. T…


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World IPv6 Day results positive

The much anticipated World IPv6 Day is now behind us. Almost 400 vendors came together on June 8, 2011 by enabling IPv6 for their content and services for 24 hours. Cisco was one of them. The goal of the test was to demonstrate the viability and potential caveats of a large-scale IPv6 deployment in the real world, as IPv6 has been steadily gaining more and more traction and interest recently due to the gradual IPv4 address exhaustion. Internally…


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Why I’m Feelin’ Good About Chicago and The Cable Show

…y cable system were bonded together to make wider, faster transmission paths for IP video and other IP traffic. IPv6 is alive and well in cable. As you can probably imagine, Cisco is deeply involved in helping everyone within the Internet eco-system to be ready for the coming transition to IPv6, from IPv4. The huge emphasis on IPv6 at the Show, from the half-day IPv6 Summit, to the on-floor IPv6 Pavilion, showed that our cable partners are “on it…


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