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New Switch Will Help You and Your Customers Tackle Networking Challenges

…be ready to face all the changes ahead. The new innovations include industry firsts, such as seamless IPv4 and IPv6 support from the switch’s hardware platform, new network virtualization capabilities, a comprehensive set of L4-7 integrated services modules, and new application performance and visibility monitoring through a completely revamped implementation of NetFlow. The new supervisor engine can increase the throughput capability of the Cat…


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This Week at Cisco Live 2011: Networking, Cloud, Virtualization, and More!

…isco Live 2011 including sessions on unified computing system (UCS), data center-virtualization, and enterprise IPv6 deployment (just to name a few). Check out all of the events here. Can’t Get to Las Vegas? Attend Cisco Live Virtual! For those of you who can’t get to Las Vegas, you can still join in on the fun by attending virtually. Registration is free so log in now for instant access. Hear something interesting in one of the sessions? Wheth…


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3 Steps for Preparing Your Network for IPv6

IPv6 is coming—are you ready to make the transition? The next generation of Internet networking protocol—IPv6—is coming and companies of all sizes are preparing their networks for it now. IPv6 makes room for more people, more companies, and more devices on the Internet than the current Internet protocol, IPv4.  IPv6 provides better security, faster performance over virtual private networks (VPN), and makes local networks easier to manage. The ne…


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1999/tcp Redux – The IPv6 Flavor

…n 2003, a Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineer made a very simple request: in order to troubleshoot IPv6 issues which could be related to the Cisco IOS switching path, it would be nice to have a way to generate (within Cisco IOS itself) an IPv6 packet that, when received by a Cisco IOS device, would be punted to the CPU and out of the CEF path. This was indeed considered useful, and was hence implemented as an option to the “IPv…


IPv6 works in live testing; what’s next?

By Fred Baker, Cisco Fellow During the week that World IPv6 day happened in, I was curious to see how the various networks involved were doing over time. I set up a test from my home, using a Hurricane Electric tunnel, IPv6 on my Mac (10.6.7), and my 871 router (15.1(3)T). I put together a simple script that would accept as input a set of web sites like – the web sites that ISOC said were going to be IPv6-accessibl…