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Happy World IPv6 Day!

Around the world, organisations have been gearing up for World IPv6 Day — a widespread, global ‘test flight’ for IPv6. Participants include technology providers like Cisco plus content providers and other industry players who will come together to enable IPv6 on their main websites for at least 24 hours. Why now? Earlier this year IANA announced that they had allocated the last remaining IPv4 addresses. At the same time, with chan…


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World IPV6 Day

It’s World IPV6 Day, please take a moment to view my video blog about the migration to IPV6.…


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Happy Eyeballs for World IPv6 Day

…Internet is changing. Network operators and content providers are beginning the widespread global deployment of IPv6, while keeping IPv4 up and running until IPv6 is ready to take over. Dan and Andrew have contributed to the cause of easing the adoption of IPv6 by documenting a methodology that will enable client applications to react more responsively in dual-stack failure scenarios by aggressively rectifying intermittent access issues and ther…


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Cisco Again Makes IP NGNs Simpler, More Capable, Less Costly

…s capability is available to the more than 500 existing Cisco ASR 9000 customers with a simple upgrade. Simplify IPv6 and Cisco Videoscape Transition: Cisco Integrated Service Module (ISM) with Cisco nV technology provides a single touch point for carrier-grade IPv6 deployment across thousands of devices. ┬áCisco Videoscape technology is supported with the Cisco Integrated Service Module for caching, streaming and monitoring to optimize and mone…


Simplify the Network: Innovate with the New ASR 9000 System

…ion) technology that intelligently blends the edge, aggregation and access to simplify operations and accelerate IPv6 services. Using this nV technology, Cisco is expanding the ASR 9000 family into a highly scalable, intelligent system that brings core-level performance to the network edge through new hardware, new software and new IPv6 services. By providing 36 times the edge capacity of our closest competitor. By reducing opex costs by up to 70…


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