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PBX Migration – Avoiding the Headaches

Times certainly have changed. The TDM based PBX is no longer considered the best way to do things and EVERY vendor that makes a phone system is pursuing the IP Telephony market. Trouble is, many of these vendors are struggling in various ways and this is causing unique issues to consider especially when it comes to your time lines. As the old PBX nears ‘End of Usefulness’, or you are expanding your business, or perhaps you are conc…


R.I.P Voicemail – Long Live Messaging?

There have been several articles recently listing the many failures of voicemail. Is Voicemail Dead? You’ve got Voicemail — But do you Care?And really, yeah — traditional voicemail isn’t really a 21st century technology. Voicemail evolved about as quickly as PBXs did — which isn’t really a whole lot. When IP Telephony entered the market, things changed. I mean, they REALLY changed! Suddenly it wasn’t just voicemail, it…


Getting smarter via long distance

The economy may have finally bottomed out lately, but no one would say we’re out of the rough. That means that agencies will continue to count pennies and look for ways to stretch budgets. But keeping a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality for your constituents or for your employees. Often a potential budget buster is training because of the ancillary costs, such as travel and expanding space to accommodate growing class sizes…


FCoE: The Standard is Here

…ns are also progressing through their own standards process:Finally, last month, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab hosted an interoperability plugfest for IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging (DCB). Testing was held in two phases. Initially, participants completed individual tests for specific DCB features such as Priority-based Flow Control (IEEE P802.1Qbb), Enhanced Transmission Selection (IEEE P802.1Qaz), and DCB Capability Excha…


From India to Intercloud

…es and smaller Service Providers will build Cloud Computing implementations.Active work needs to occur to create interoperability amongst varied implementations of these Clouds.From the lower level, challenges around network addressing, to multicast enablement, to virtual machine mechanics; to the higher level interoperability desires of services; this is an area deserving of much progress and will require the cooperation of several large industr…