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Double Rainbow Cisco Telepresence: World’s Most Interesting Intern

As the world’s most interesting intern, I have had many life-changing experiences: fame, Vegas, and calf implants, to name a few. I have not, however, had an experience quite like that of the Hungrybear man in Yosemite when he saw the double rainbow. That is, of course, until today. Many thanks to my capable, fellow interns Basia and Molly for their assistance in the production of this week’s video. As always, interns around the w…


David Beckham Goes Around the World in 90 Minutes Using Cisco Telepresence

OK, I admit it, I don’t know much about football. I’m learning more and more as an American living in London, but one thing I do know about is David Beckham. Global footballer, David Beckham, met his fans today from around the world for 90 minutes using Cisco Telepresence.  Beckham fans from nineteen countries across five continents participated in the video Q&A session, dubbed, “The World Asks David Beckham a Question…


David Beckham Connects With Fans Over Telepresence

…visit this link Yahoo will also stream the telepresence interview live from If you could ask David Beckham one question, what would you ask him, and why? That’s what Yahoo wants to know for a live 90-minute telepresence interview happening tomorrow, June 14, 2010 at 2:30 pm GMT/9:30 am ET from London. Beckham, probably the world’s most famous soccer p…


The World Cup and Telepresence: A Winning Team

…a to be exact, and this year’s World Cup also gave the techies something to be excited about — the use of TelePresence technology. As stated in the commercial below,”ESPN and Cisco are changing the way soccer fans experience the game.” We first learned of the use of TelePresence to aide in preparations for the World Cup in March. The technology also made its way into the spotlight during the World Cup kick-off celebration con…


Transforming the way business is conducted in North Africa

“The deployment of Cisco TelePresence can be increased significantly throughout the sub-Saharan African region with the arrival of submarine cables, which now offer high bandwidth at attractive prices. Cisco’s vision is to be the leading enabler of ICT and broadband acceleration in emerging markets through innovative, scalable, high-value technology offerings and solutions such as Cisco TelePresence. This solution will not only…