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Cisco UCS Changes Industry Landscape

Today, I’m proud to share that in just two years, sales of Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) are outpacing market growth for x86 blades, and Cisco has become the #3 player worldwide in x86 blade server factory revenue.* Blades are forecast to be the fastest growing segment of the x86 server market** and market data illustrates the impact of UCS innovation:  businesses worldwide shifted over 10% of the x86 blade server spending to UCS…


Cisco servers? They said UCS would never succeed…

…ing hold.  But this is just the beginning:  we are committed to evolving UCS and delivering continued technology innovation.  Thanks for joining us on this journey – we have leagues more innovation ahead of us. *** * IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, May 2011 ** IDC Q4 CY10 Server Forecaster *** If you’d like to learn more, below you’ll find additional information on UCS milestones, product awards and customer comments A few key milestones…


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Cisco UCS: Customers Win

Two years ago Cisco entered the server market with the introduction of the Unified Computing System.  Our competitors met the move with skepticism, blank stares and questions around Cisco’s market strategy.  Our customers wondered what a networking company new about computing.  We didn’t let the naysayers or the doubters distract us.  We continued the hard work of innovation and communicating the architectural superiority of the Unified Computin…


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“Accelerating time to solution with Fast Track Reference Architectures”

…pressure to deliver business results and provide competitive advantage to their organization by helping to drive innovation.   There are many examples of companies that are the first to implement a successful innovation gaining significant competitive advantage.  However, creating these new opportunities is difficult when IT budgets are constrained and IT departments are balancing short-terms demands to keep the lights on.  Furthermore, studies…


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On The Price of Innovation

…ard last week that some folks want to be known as innovators, which is certainly a laudable goal.  The thing is, innovation is the domain of engineers, not accountants and, sadly, not even marketing folks.  Face it, when accountants get innovative, we end up with things like Enron—not so good. Delivering meaningful innovation to the market starts as an organizational imperative that has to then be nurtured with an ongoing commitment of time and r…


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