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“Accelerating time to solution with Fast Track Reference Architectures”

…pressure to deliver business results and provide competitive advantage to their organization by helping to drive innovation.   There are many examples of companies that are the first to implement a successful innovation gaining significant competitive advantage.  However, creating these new opportunities is difficult when IT budgets are constrained and IT departments are balancing short-terms demands to keep the lights on.  Furthermore, studies…


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On The Price of Innovation

…ard last week that some folks want to be known as innovators, which is certainly a laudable goal.  The thing is, innovation is the domain of engineers, not accountants and, sadly, not even marketing folks.  Face it, when accountants get innovative, we end up with things like Enron—not so good. Delivering meaningful innovation to the market starts as an organizational imperative that has to then be nurtured with an ongoing commitment of time and r…


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Cisco Wins Top Networking Vendor in Middle East Award

…nd receive the award on behalf of Cisco. Our achievement was also complemented by the success of our customers’ innovation and business impact who were also recognized at the event for the end-user awards categories. This is a another milestone for Cisco achievements  in the Middle East as it demonstrates our commitment to deliver on Cisco’s vision to lead emerging country innovation, prosperity, job creation, and social inclusion through…


Latin American Renaissance

…Latin America to accelerate its development process, change the regulatory environment to allow competition and innovation, and pull away from other regions. Cisco proposed an Innovation-Prize (I-Prize) to promote innovation and generate new ideas in the region. Paul Mountford was one of the panelists in the session “The New Energy Architecture.” Other panelists included Eduardo Estrada (DSM), Thore E. Kristiansen, (Statoil ASA, Norway), Arthur…


In Between the Numbers: Less than a Third, and Less than Half.

…t the features exist.   Allow those factoids to simmer for a moment. Think of the hours of brilliant engineering innovation that most consumers simply ignore — that for most is too complicated, too complex. Brilliant engineering innovation that brings joy to the engineer, but immediate dismissive frustration from the consumer who simply wants to watch a movie. Simplicity is the byword of the McKinsey paper. Simplicity in functionality.  Simplici…


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