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What Is NOT Networking for the Cloud

Recently I read a post about networking for the cloud, even listing a trademark on an associated term. I certainly am no IP lawyer, but it strikes me as not the most judicious use of time and funds to trademark Cloud X and Cloud Y and Cloud Z as they relate to whatever a company is doing. Shameless ‘hopping on the bandwagon’ if you ask me… but again, we have enough IP bloggers around here, so am not going to pursue that path…


Openness and Interoperability — Cisco’s DNA

Openness and interoperability have been in Cisco’s DNA since the company shipped the first multiprotocol router in 1985. At that time, interoperability was about connecting disparate physical networks, enabling them to talk with each other and share information. Flash forward to today, and Cisco is still helping people connect, communicate, and collaborate with innovative on premise and on demand applications that use the network as a pl…


Openness and Interoperability—Cisco’s DNA

In the latest C-Scape Collaboration blog, Cisco’s Kara Wilson, VP, Unified Communications Marketing talks about openness and interoperability as part of Cisco’s DNA. We welcome your thoughts and comments.…


Certifiably Committed to WiMAX Standards

Interoperability is more and more becoming a reality for a WiMAX market which has leapt at the opportunity to deploy high-speed, efficient, mobile broadband. I was at our Richardson, TX, offices recently meeting with our mobile broadband team, and they highlighted that just as much as we have pursued standards and interoperability efforts on the fixed side, we’re very much pursuing it with our new mobile technologies as well.In fact, Cisc…


Cisco is Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications

By Kara Wilson, Vice President of Marketing, Unified CommunicationsEarlier this year Cisco took the #1 spot in enterprise voice and the #1 spot in enterprise telephony. I guess good news also comes in threes because, the recently published Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications* positioned Cisco in the Leaders quadrant. According to Gartner,”The Leaders quadrant contains vendors selling comprehensive and integrated UC solutions…