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Efficiency Analysis

…So in essence its Power Per Port to do “what” or what we typically refer to as Power Per Work Unit Performed.Given the complexity of IT operations this is still very much an emerging science. The broad scope of interoperability, scale up, scale out, virtualization, etc. of systems level comparison, this is not a simple task. Given the fact there is only a small difference at the box level, we’ve been laser focused on driving…


Interop 2008

…whether it would be Ethernet, ATM, Token Ring, or FDDI/CDDI to the desktop, etc. What Interop did was force multiple vendors to work together to build a network to support the show floor in a matter of days. There were also interoperability tests of new protocols and such between multiple vendors hardware, software, protocols, etc. In the end it became a gathering place for 20,000+ network professionals to see what worked, what didn’t, h…


Cisco MDS 9500 Continues to Innovate

…deliver on this requirement by delivering 8G interfaces without requiring a forklift upgrade.And as servers begin to use FCoE to attach to the Fibre Channel SAN, the MDS 9500 will also offer FCoE line cards to ensure there is interoperability between both environments.Investment protection is the ulitimate form of innovation….


The Internet of Things

…taken off,” he says. “There are literally dozens of protocols coming from dozens of companies, and if you’re interested in applying sensor technology to a huge network, you’re going to face a number of interoperability challenges. Technology A won’t work with Technology B, and none of the technology will currently run over IP. This is why we truly believe in the use of IP for these networks.” To hear more about…


Architecting a Reliable Wireless Network

…ibility and testing. Through its Cisco Compatible Extensions program, Cisco works with leading Wi-Fi silicon manufacturers to ensure simple, secure connections for a broad range of mobile devices. Another key need is ongoing interoperability testing and validation. While not widely known, Cisco has a very robust program in place, called Assurewave, to achieve just this.- RF management is critical -IT should not underestimate the importance of p…