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Brocade’s “My Cousin Vinny” Approach to FCoE

…prove their products, they have taken great pains to work together to increase the number of products and their interoperability. Well, most vendors, at least. The FCIA FCoE Plug-fest, held at the UNH Interoperability Labs, have been going on for several years now. From time to time, Brocade participates. But this time around, they were a no-show. Brocade is, in effect, saying that the Cisco approach to FCoE has been “non-native,” pro…


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New Whitepaper: Cisco UCS, Citrix XenDesktop, and Atlantis ILIO

…ed master disk implementation, providing storage IOPS offload, reduced up-front CAPEX, and increased desktop/application performance.  The Atlantis ILIO solution has been tested for interoperability and scalability with the Cisco UCS and Citrix XenDesktop Validated Design (CVD), to deliver faster desktop boot times, logon, antivirus scanning and overall desktop performance.  The whitepaper is available for download here Follow me on Twitter!…


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MPLS 2010 Conference and Cisco Leadership

…rk Enabled Cloud and Service Models View more presentations from CiscoSP360. At this conference there was no question that MPLS-TP is the industry standard! Finally, most significantly, the ISOCORE interoperability demo was an excellent public venue to showcase the results of a first-ever multi-vendor, standards-based MPLS-TP interop testing. Having a new section on innovation and emerging technologies added depth to this conference. Bravo !…


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Cisco Validated Designs (CVD) for the Data Center – Your Feedback?

…ide some background on CVDs. While we are constantly testing our products for different use-cases and levels of interoperability, CVDs take this validation up several levels. The SASU teams are staffed with CCIE’s and experts from multiple disciplines (network, virtualization, security, applications, storage, operations, performance-testing, etc.). These architects work with our largest customers (Service Provider, Enterprise, Government and Comm…


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BlueHat 2010 – A Security Odyssey

…lity) by challenging us to design secure browsers for a hostile world (despite complex browser, OS, and network interoperability requirements). Robert’s talk explored just how unusable a browser would be if paranoid internet surfer’s attempt to secure themselves from web-based threats. For more info and the full agenda on the conference visit this site:…