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Enabling Kenyan and US Connections Across the Human Network with TelePresence

The Deaf Aid Academy in Kenya helps demonstrate how public-private partnerships can empower the underserved. I wrote a blog post in January on Increasing Investment in ICT Capacity Building to Empower Persons with Hearing Impairment.  And now, I want to share with you what happened since then and the power of the Internet to connect people and drive change in the world. The Power of Blogging A few months later, I received an email from Len…


Telepresence Versus the Volcano in Carbon Savings

There has been a lot of discussion in the weeks following the airline disruptions from the Icelandic volcano eruption about how much was saved on Carbon emissions from the grounded planes. It’s as if Mother Nature decided to give her planet a break just in time for Earth Day. The reality is, it doesn’t take a natural disaster to reduce Carbon emissions from planes, trains or automobiles. Telepresence and video conferencing help many…


Video Plays Vital Role in Tandberg Acquisition Process

A significant portion of Cisco’s internal network traffic is video, generated from over 700 telepresence rooms and numerous desktop video technologies such as WebEx and Cisco Unified Video Advantage. Another leader in the video space is Tandberg, where network architecture, dial plans, and all other related technologies are designed for efficient use of video. In fact, there are almost no audio-only phones at Tandberg offices. In early Oc…


5 Tips: Advance Business Goals & Be Greener with Telepresence & Video Conferencing

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and it has come a long way from “reduce, reuse and recycle.”  The Nature Conservancy lists video conferencing as an “Easy Thing You Can Do To Help Our Climate.” Here are 5 tips for how you can use video conferencing and telepresence to go green and advance business goals: TELECOMMUTING — Enable people to work from home and still be fully engaged in the workplace. Save costs on real e…


School Districts Collaborate with TelePresence

…for strategic discussions. Sharing Lessons Learned Without Travel The districts found their solution in  Cisco TelePresence. Each district has a Cisco TelePresence system,  which provides a live, face-to-face experience over the network. A  large, ultra-high-definition display and high-fidelity audio quality  create an experience that rivals in-person interaction. And launching a  Cisco TelePresence session “is as easy as it gets,” says Superin…


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