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The Human Face of Technology: How Cisco TelePresence is Connecting Families Separated by Oceans

…e first of the Cisco and Tata Communications Family Reunion Program where both companies extend the use of their TelePresence facilities to families in Shanghai who have relatives in other parts of the world. The program will run until the end of October this year with the families in Shanghai connecting out of the Cisco Pavilion in World Expo while their families could be virtually anywhere in the world within reach of a Cisco or Tata TelePresen…


Boring Meetings? Step Up Your Productivity with New TelePresence Tools

…ed this situation time and again, and decided to do something to step up productivity. The company started using TelePresence units during meetings, enabling participants to really engage with one another. Unlike web-based collaboration tools, TelePresence allows teams to interact, face-to-face, in high-definition. But the company didn’t just employ TelePresence: They set out to customize it to suit their needs. How did they do that? Gen…


Five Key Considerations for SMBs Interested in Telepresence

By now many of us are aware of some of the benefits that telepresence and video conferencing can deliver to the enterprise – reduce travel, connect a geographically dispersed workforce and scale expertise. You might be surprised to learn that there is a business segment that can actually reap even greater benefits from telepresence: Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).  SMBs were hit particularly hard by the financial crisis and are still recover…


David Beckham Gets Together with Millions of Fans on Cisco TelePresence

…y 14, 2010, football fans around the world had the unique opportunity to interview David Beckham live over Cisco TelePresence. Yahoo!, working together with Cisco, staged the event “The World Interviews David Beckham Live”, connecting fans from 20 countries across five continents. The interview was also streamed live to 600 million Yahoo! users around the world. Beckham visited Cisco’s U.K. office to use TelePresence to connect…


Business Video: the New Change Agent

…he Cisco MXE 3500 with the Cisco Digital Media Suite(DMS). The Cisco MXE 3500 also interoperates with the Cisco TelePresence™ Recording Server to extend the reach of Cisco TelePresence recordings. In addition, the Cisco MXE can process high-definition (HD) video captured by Flip cameras in just a single step. Be sure and checkout our popular episode on Cisco Telepresence   More Product info: Cisco MXE 3500 Product Info   Rec…