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People at the Center of Public Policy: The Network as a Platform for Participatory Democracy

…rs that are taking their cities through major transformations and helping to define successful models for urban innovation and revitalization. Through all of these stories, one theme emerges: the concept of participatory democracy, or how citizens around the world are co-creating solutions with government, that will help solve the challenges facing us this century. The economic and political events of the last few years and the continued challeng…


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Global Innovation in Education – an International Roundtable using Cisco TelePresence

…ke debate among teachers and get them thinking differently about social, political or academic topics. Learning Innovation sessions focus on pedagogy and how to reconcile the pressure between teaching a nationally mandated curriculum and subjects or topics that fall outside its scope. David Jackson, Partner of the Innovation Unit, a UK-based not-for-profit social enterprise, also discussed his work with the Coalition of Essential Schools in the U…


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Reflections from the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)

…our out from Qatar and the Persian Gulf – a good place to look back on this week’s third annual WISE, the World Innovation Summit for Education. It is, bar none, the biggest education conversation on earth. It has the power to convene: the world’s leading educators implored the world’s governments to honor the 2015 Millennium Education goals. In my opinion, although WISE has done significant work in the past few years there is still  a lot to be…


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Manufacturing Innovation: Moving Fear Forward

…FEAR FORWARD in their journey toward being successful Innovators and agents of change. Courage is the mother of Innovation, but ultimately it’s birthed out of fear.  The fear of failure, of going against the grain of “common” thought, challenging the status quo, pursing with passion one’s vision even if it meant being ostracized is a character trait of all great leaders and agents of change.  So what does this have to do with manufacturing? Fear:…


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Steve Jobs Legacy for me – what’s important to you?

…numbers. We’re all wondering what was planned next and, despite assurances that Apple will continue to produce innovation and that innovation is in safe hands with the existing management, I have a feeling that the ‘Jobs spark’ will be hard to replicate in the future. I do have confidence that someone or ‘ones’ will appear in the future to continue the innovation the US has been famous for. Steve Jobs  ‘Righting the Ship’ after…


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