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1999/tcp Redux – The IPv6 Flavor

…in 2003, a Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineer made a very simple request: in order to troubleshoot IPv6 issues which could be related to the Cisco IOS switching path, it would be nice to have a way to generate (within Cisco IOS itself) an IPv6 packet that, when received by a Cisco IOS device, would be punted to the CPU and out of the CEF path. This was indeed considered useful, and was hence implemented as an option to the “IP…


IPv6 works in live testing; what’s next?

By Fred Baker, Cisco Fellow During the week that World IPv6 day happened in, I was curious to see how the various networks involved were doing over time. I set up a test from my home, using a Hurricane Electric tunnel, IPv6 on my Mac (10.6.7), and my 871 router (15.1(3)T). I put together a simple script that would accept as input a set of web sites like — the web sites that ISOC said were going to be IPv6-accessible on…



Vegas or Virtual?

Got any plans during the week of July 11th? I would suggest you plan to join thousands of your peers from all over the world at Cisco Live 2011, Las    Vegas, U.S.A. by participating in the Cisco Live Virtual  LIVE program on 12 – 14 July 2011. Access all  content from Las Vegas and previous Cisco Live events for FREE! During this exciting hybrid event we’ll be bringing you world-class training, keynote presentations and executive chat sess…


Smart Grid Progress in Russia

Earlier this month, Cisco and the Federal Grid Company of Russia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that establishes a long-term collaboration to improve the reliability and efficiency of the country’s power grid. This MOU is the latest concrete step that Cisco has taken to help transform Russia’s energy infrastructure. Just about a year ago, Cisco set the mark by announcing a $1 billion investment in Russia over the next decade to drive…


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Secure Networking for (Really) Small Businesses

Today, Cisco came out with a new wireless VPN firewall specifically designed for the smallest of small businesses. In fact, the router is built for offices with one to five people that need remote access on a secure connection. The new router has what we call “business class” performance without the complexity often found in larger-scale products. Since the Cisco RV110W is designed with the “do-it-yourselfer” in mind, it’s very easy to use, and…


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