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Addressing the Service Provider Transition to IPv6: Carrier-Grade IPv6 Solution (Part 3 of 4)

The transition to IPv6 presents a complex technical challenge, and the business risks for not doing it right are potentially significant, in terms of impact on customer retention and growth, new business models, and competitive edge. In this third installation of the series, Kelly Ahuja of Cisco and Ray Mota of ACG focus on Service Provider strategies for the transition to IPv6. As Kelly mentions, the Cisco Carrier-Grade IPv6 Solution (CGv6) is…


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Texas Lone Star Network Deploys the ASR 9000 for State-wide Services

…will be available later this calendar year, so the ASR 9000 was a perfect fit. The second requirement was ensuring that any new network would be able to support IPv6 seamlessly, which again the ASR 9000 could already cover.   In fact, on this they didn’t wait a bit:  TLSN is already routing IPv6 traffic over their new ASR 9000’s.   Here at Cisco, we welcome TLSN to the growing family of ASR 9000 Series customers….


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Talkin’ Tech: Wireless and Routing

…ve remote access to the entire network as if you are physically connected to it. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) : The next-generation Internet protocol, IPv6 provides a unique 128-bit IP address for each device that connects to the Internet. Replacing the current IPv4 protocol, IPv6 allows a total of 340 billion, billion, billion addresses. Wireless Router : a physical device that connects multiple wired or wireless networks together and…


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While looking over our data from World IPv6 Day, we found that 2.26% of all users who logged in with a username and password to on June 8 did so over IPv6. That is nearly an order of magnitude greater than between the less than .2% and .3% averages reported by sites operated by more broadly visited websites such as Yahoo, Facebook, and Google. In contrast to those who logged in with their username and password, the total proportion…


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Addressing the Service Provider Transition to IPv6: An Industry Framework (Part 2 of 4)”

One of the hot topics at Cisco Live 2011 last week was around the topic of IPv6 deployment and how to handling the exhaustion of IPv4 address space, both for Enterprise and Service Providers. Over fourteen sessions on the topic were covered, including such titles as How to Convince your Boss to Deploy IPv6, Cisco on Cisco: Making the Leap to IPv6, and IPv6 Planning, Deployment, and Operation Considerations. When it comes to IPv6 implementation,…


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