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Using Telepresence To Help Maximize Communication Efficiencies When Sourcing Abroad

…from outsourcing and running executives and other staff ragged. Other foresighted companies have invested in telepresence technology that enables them to meet with anyone, anywhere at anytime, eliminating burdensome and costly travel. For example, Tommy Hilfiger used a customized telepresence solution to create virtual fittings rooms to enable their design teams – based in Amsterdam and New York – to collaborate faster and more effectively…


OK Expands Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services with Telepresence

Guest post by Kerry Best, author for Break Down the Walls The state of Oklahoma is home to a handful of urban areas surrounded by large expanses of very rural areas. Due to this geographic layout, The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS), which provides necessary services to Oklahomans who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse issues, needed a solution to provide these services to patients in r…


Business Video at Cisco: Our Not-So-Secret Strategy

…processes faster, less expensive, or both. Replacing some of my business trips with videoconferencing and Cisco TelePresence, for example, has reduced my travel costs and reduced the unproductive time I spend in airports and planes. And recording a high-definition video in the nearest Cisco TelePresence room instead of a professional studio saves travel time and studio rental fees.  Effectiveness, in contrast, refers to getting a better outc…


From NBN Co’s Conference Room to Rural Australia – Cisco TelePresence Plays a Role

…ly.”  And what viewers saw on their TV screens was a short clip of an NBN Co meeting held over Cisco TelePresence (to view segment, go here and click on video on right-hand side).  In the interview Quigley went on to state that “this (video conferencing) will start to have a real big impact on small-medium businesses, especially outside cities”.  This is poignantly demonstrated earlier in The 7:30 Report’s s…


The Human Face of Technology: How Cisco TelePresence is Connecting Families Separated by Oceans

…their parents again after so many weeks away from home, albeit over the high-definition, 1080p screens of Cisco TelePresence. The video below captures only the first few minutes when the children first see their parents but it will give you a good feel for their joy. With the children are Jacques d’Amboise, founder of the NDI, his Artistic Director Ellen Weinstein, two teachers from the Shanghai Children’s Palace, who accompanied…