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Cisco and ESPN: A Lesson in Sports, Technology and Community for The Beautiful Game

…gerian national player Efan Ekoku (both now ESPN Soccer Analysts) joined Cisco and ESPN executives for a Cisco TelePresence enabled press conference from New York, London and Johannesburg.  The focus of this event was to announce ESPN’s plans to utilize Cisco TelePresence interactive video technology for live coverage of the World Cup soccer tournament from South Africa.  More than 30 business, technology and sports reporter…


The Future of TelePresence

…of Cisco, so we caught up with Fredrik Halvorsen–former CEO of Tandberg and now the new leader of Cisco’s TelePresence Technology Group–for a video interview to find out where he sees TelePresence headed. During our brief chat, he shared his bold insights. Here are some highlights and predictions from the interview: TelePresence will go mainstream — from the desktop to fully immersive systems — and we may all have units in…


TelePresence: is it really better than a phone call or email?

…elevision at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, it probably seemed just as outlandish and unnecessary as TelePresence does to many today. But ask people who doubt the merits of TelePresence and video conferencing whether they’d rather watch their favorite show on TV or listen to it on the radio and I expect most would choose the visual format. While we are a stubborn society somewhat adverse to change, we are also a visual society. O…


Bringing History to Life Through Video Conferencing and Telepresence

Multimedia room of the President Library in St. Petersburg, Russia Integrating video technology into education is yielding amazing results for students who are able to hold virtual field trips and become exposed to different cultures without ever leaving the classroom. Now, other education facilities are recognizing the power of video conferencing and telepresence to enhance experiences for visitors.  For example, a recent article in InAVate ex…


Volcano Fallout: Cisco Telepresence Helps Businesses Keep Moving

…rward when events beyond your control threaten to bring it to a sudden halt? Many relied on technologies such as telepresence, videoconferencing, and WebEx as a way to keep going.  Among those turning to Cisco TelePresence was Paul Dickinson, the CEO of the Carbon Disclosure Project, a greenhouse reporting organization. The volcano prevented Dickinson from traveling to Beijing from London to interview three job applicants, according to Fortu…