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The Inter-Cloud and internet analogies

David M. Smith of Gartner spent some time with me a few weeks ago exploring Cisco’s cloud computing vision. I walked him through a variety of concepts, such as private clouds, virtual private clouds and open clouds. We also spoke of the vision of an “Inter-Cloud”, a vision shared by most cloud enthusiasts here at Cisco, including our CTO, Padmasree Warrior. David had some excellent feedback, and I enjoyed the conversation very…


Delivering Collaboration to More Workspaces

By Kara Wilson, vice president of collaboration, CiscoToday at VoiceCon we are continuing to fulfill our vision of the unified workspace — where customers can connect, communicate and collaborate with any device, any operating system, any network, anywhere, with anyone — with the introduction of new Cisco TelePresence systems and applications and new interoperability and integration across the Cisco Collaboration portfolio and with third party…


No Need to Lock Them in a Room, Mr. Secretary — Use IP

A lot has been said and written this month about the need for speedy adoption of interoperability standards for smart grid, but the simple fact is: Agreeing on interoperability standards doesn’t need to be this hard. Incumbent manufacturers of some niche smart grid technologies based on proprietary protocols and those companies that have built siloed systems using them have every incentive to drag out the process of identifying and agreein…


Unified Computing Perspectives

One of the objectives for our blog is to add some new perspectives, so you will be seeing some new faces–some permanently and some guest bloggers. So, I am very pleased to get this effort kicked off with a guest post from Reuven Cohen. Reuven has great insight on cloud computing and I highly recommend you follow him at and @ruv on Twitter. For folks that are interested in clouds, Reuven as included links to some of the group…


The Unified Computing Story, or ‘Cisco’s History in the Data Center’

With our announcement of our Unified Computing System on Monday, I wanted to provide a little bit of the historical context of how Cisco got into the data center technology space:A lot of people say it started with the Nexus line, others say our entrance into storage with the MDS SAN Director.  I think it started a little bit before those, back in 1996….In 1996 Cisco introduced the Channel Interface Processor for the Cisco 7500 series…