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Open Ecosystem – Open to Excellence and Better with Cisco

…the Internet, and with more systems being interconnected (Internet, Public/Private Cloud, Mobile) the need for interoperability has never been greater. Cisco’s Data Center Business Advantage takes a multi-level approach to the open-ecosystem, across multiple technology domains (Management/Automation, Storage, Virtualization, Applications): We are fully committed to existing standards (10Gb Ethernet, FCoE, etc.) and driving emerging standa…


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Java Exploits Another Example of Tomorrow’s Threat Landscape, Today

…eing prepared for roll out next quarter, or being shared among your users as we speak. Invasive Multi-platform interoperability is the hallmark of Java and its virtual machine. Distribute applications as a single bytecode, and let per-platform interpreters do the heavy lifting necessary to translate for the runtime environment. This is a double-edged sword, of course, meaning that it’s just as easy to distribute malicious software across p…


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Working Together to Attain MPLS-TP Interoperability

…ndard, mainly because it is subset of and interoperable with widely deployed IP/MPLS technology. To ensure this interoperability, it was collectively decided by both the ITU-T and IETF that the IETF will be responsible to define the protocol and functionality of MPLS-TP. The embeded spreadsheet specifies which RFCs have been completed and which contributions have been accepted and are in progress as Working Group drafts. IETF MPLS-TP RFCs & D…


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Pervasive Video Day

My vblog recap of Cisco’s hosted Pervasive Video Day. Raising awareness about the market transition of pervasive video and introduce the next phase of medianet. We emphasized three elements that are key to enabling truly pervasive video across an organization: ease of use and the ability to simply plug and play; any to any content translation and interoperability; and rich quality, social, searchable video….



Need a switch? Here’s our Top 10 list of Features

…and devices, your network needs to be able to support that growth and maintain a high level of performance.  Interoperability: Getting locked into one vendor for all your technology needs is a concern for many small businesses. Choose a switches that are built to work with other devices and are part of proven designs.  This will protect your investment long into the future. Support for multiple native languages: Your switch should be able to…


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