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My Experience at VMworld, San Francisco, 2013

This year at VMworld, San Francisco, I had a choice, to attend either as a Visitor or as a Demo Booth staffer. I quickly chose the latter, as I could not resist getting face-time with customers! My decision proved fully justified, as I gained a lot from the discussions on the show floor. I was so busy, the 4 day event ended before I could notice it.  It was really a great learning experience for me at the event to hear first-hand why customers p…


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Why virtualizing the Network is not the same as virtualizing the Server?

VMware launched NSX, its Network Virtualization platform at VMworld last week. In his keynote, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger portrayed Network Virtualization as a very natural extension to what VMware accomplished in Server Virtualization. However market fundamentals and early drivers for Server Virtualization are not quite the same as Network Virtualization. Hence any comparison and contrast between the two should be understood and weighed on in the…


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#EngineersUnplugged S3|Ep11: A Look Behind DevOps

…on Twitter Submit ideas for episodes or volunteer to appear by Tweeting to @CommsNinja Practice drawing unicorns Multilingual? Get your geek button on. What’s your take from the DevOps or the end user side? Have you employed a different methodology in your org? Post a comment here, or join the conversation on Twitter. Follow us @CiscoDC. Habla Geek? Join us for Season 4 shoot at VMworld Barcelona! Ping me @CommsNinja for details.  …


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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – August 30, 2013

…ong the way. Here’s what you might have missed this week: Off The Top This week, Cisco attended VMware’s annual VMworld event in San Francisco, California. During the event, the Data Center and Cloud team showcased Cisco’s latest solutions and chatted with customers and partners. There was even bacon, and a lot of it, at the #vBacon 2013 tweetup hosted by the Cisco Data Center team. Thanks to everyone for amazing #vBacon. Blown away by community…


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Enterprise Platform as a Service

…from our industry-leading service catalog. But aren’t those blueprints a lot of work to write? In a session at VMworld this week, VMware mentioned vCAC integration with Puppet and PuppetForge as a source of configuration images. Out of the gate, their users will have access to thousands of Puppet scripts built by the community, which sounds fantastic, and absolutely validates the approach we took.  We just have a different perspective on relevan…


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