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Cisco Connected Grid Update”>Take

2012 was an exciting year for Cisco’s Connected Energy business. Cisco entered the Smart Grid space 3 years ago and we have seen significant customer momentum.  We now have more than 250 customers worldwide. These include advanced metering infrastructure, substation and utility data center deployments in North America and wide area, substation, and distribution networks in Europe and Asia.  In 2012, we had over 175 production deployments and pic…


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Cisco Smart Grid Team Supports Wi-SUN Alliance to Drive Interoperability

Cisco’s Smart Grid Team is excited to support the Wireless Smart Utility Network Alliance (Wi-SUN). Lionel Chocron, vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Connected Energy Networks Business, will be representing Cisco on the Wi-Sun board of directors. Cisco will be joining at the promoter level and the entire team is looking forward to helping drive the development of interoperable Field Area Networks (FAN) for utility applications. Field…


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Internet of Everything in Action: Today and Tomorrow #IoE

…derived in cities by connecting public street lighting to the Internet—the “Energy Internet” (sometimes called “Smart Grid”)—and other IP networks, which will add significant advantages to the stand-alone benefits of LED lighting. The Energy Internet relies on a mix of enabling devices and intelligent data-treatment tools, which, in turn, trigger smarter decisions in infrastructure operation and management. These components include data-collectio…


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Real-World M2M—and a Real-World Mobile Data Challenge”

…ith each other in cities. A few examples of Qualcomm tech in this arena: From Qualcomm’s perspective, a “smarter grid” employs digital wireless technologies that allow utility companies to safely and securely deliver prepaid electric services that save homes and businesses money through real-time monitoring of power usage over existing cell networks, thus reducing deployment costs for the utility and saving energy for the planet. At…


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In Europe, Grid 4EU Sets Foundation for the Smart Grid

Grid4EU is a four-year, multi-national project that comprises six smart grid projects by utilities in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Together these projects cover more than half of Europe’s electricity supply. With an ecosystem of 27-partners, the project is focusing on smart grid solutions for renewable energy integration, grid automation and energy efficiency.  This will effectively lay the groundwork for future…


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