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At CES, Glitzy Wearables, Snazzy Smart Cars, and, Yes, Trash Cans

…xt train will arrive, and if there are any real-time delays. Public Wi-Fi will extend the services to any mobile smart device. Smart lighting was a key feature for many of the innovative connected home presentations at CES. But such technologies can also have an enormous impact when scaled up for towns and cities. Motion sensors detect when streetlights need to be on, saving money and fighting crime. Plus, a public Wi-Fi network to run systems su…


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Public Safety Blog Series-Government Agencies and the Future of Mobility

…nity. As we wrap up the public safety blog series, we’ll take a look at how mobility is driving the evolution of smart law enforcement and the role mobility will play in future efforts to serve and protect the public. How Mobility is Driving Smart, Connected Law Enforcement Like most industries, the history of law enforcement in America has an interesting story to tell, and it has come a long way thanks to advances in technology. Dating back to t…



#IoTWF: How Smart Cities Can Transform and Revitalize Municipalities in the 21st Century

…nsform their cities to solve a range of pressing social and economic problems and capture new opportunities. The Smart City vision with applications like smart parking, smart waste disposal, smart lighting,  smart environmental monitoring and, new citizen services offers a path towards building better communities where people want to live, learn and play and where businesses seek to invest. It also enables the creation of urban centers that work…


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Cisco Hosts Incheon City Mayor at Smart City Solutions R&D Center in Korea

Last week, Cisco hosted Incheon City Mayor Song Young-Gil, IFEZ commissioner Lee Jong-Cheol, President of Smart+Connected Communities and Deputy Chief Globalization Officer Anil Menon, Cisco Korea President KW Chong and other officials at its opening of the Global Center of Excellence (GCoE) in Song-do, Incheon where the development of smart city solutions will take place. The attendees agreed to provide active support in helping the Incheon Fre…


#ExecInsights: Transforming Tomorrow’s Smart Cities… Today

…lear: to drive growth in ways that increase socio-economic sustainability and to enhance the benefits created by smart citizen services. Smart Cities Need Smart + Connected Wi-Fi Solutions During the Meeting of the Minds, Cisco launched its Smart + Connected City Wi-Fi Solution which delivers a comprehensive end-to-end solution to help cities and municipalities derive sustained value from their existing infrastructure. For the announcement we we…


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