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Attending Cisco Live 2014? Nine Internet of Things (IoT) solution demos you must see!

…oved safety and security while enhancing passenger experiences with secure, reliable, fast on-board IP networks Connected Energy – Field Area Networks and Substation Automation demonstrate how to modernize and secure the electric grid through smart devices, smart network, and smart grid Smart+Connected Communities – shows how cities can get smarter through smart city parking, enforcement, and planning, and through traffic management IoT Applicati…


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Collaboration Solutions Power Next-Generation Citizen Experiences”

…illion in offender transportation and security costs. Public hospitals can create $11 billion in value by using connected video for inpatient monitoring. These use cases are not just hypothetical. In fact, many public-sector entities have been using collaboration, video, and mobility solutions for years to meet rising citizen expectations in an era of limited budgets. For example: As a pioneer in the “Smart + Connected Communities” movement, th…


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At CES, Glitzy Wearables, Snazzy Smart Cars, and, Yes, Trash Cans”>

…w (CES) in Las Vegas, it’s easy to see how the Internet of Everything (IoE) is revolutionizing our lives. Super-smart homes, cars, drones, and all manner of entertainment are on display seemingly everywhere, along with a mind-boggling array of wearable, connected technologies. But CES — and IoE — are not just about how we interact with cool gadgets. They are also about new ways to connect with the public-sector environment. And there are extremel…


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Public Safety Blog Series-Government Agencies and the Future of Mobility

…ment and the role mobility will play in future efforts to serve and protect the public. How Mobility is Driving Smart, Connected Law Enforcement Like most industries, the history of law enforcement in America has an interesting story to tell, and it has come a long way thanks to advances in technology. Dating back to the early 1600s when unpaid volunteers kept the “night-watch,” today’s law enforcement officials are keeping communities safe throu…



#IoTWF: How Smart Cities Can Transform and Revitalize Municipalities in the 21st Century

…ations and society as a whole. As we move towards an application economy, we are working to make the world more connected. Barcelona was the logical choice for this Forum as a prime example of a city that understands the IoE vision and has embraced IoT to become a Smart City with the potential for creating new companies, more than 55,000 new jobs and $3 Billion in profits over the next ten years.   Smart Cities As world populations shift to…


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