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Miercom Performance Verified – Cisco Nexus 7700 Delivers Industry’s Highest 100Gbps Scalability, Performance and Availability”>video

…Nexus 7700 platform features to see how they would perform under full load. Tested features included MPLS, IPv4/IPv6 multicast, and hitless In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU). After the testing was complete, the Cisco Nexus 7700 18-Slot Switch proved that it offers the industry’s highest 100-Gbps density and performance with line-rate services and exceptional availability. This level of scale provides customers with many years of investment prote…


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Cisco and OpenStack: Juno Release – Part 1

…o collaborated on and implemented with the community was to develop the Router Advertisement Daemon (radvd) for IPv6. With this support, multiple IPv6 configuration modes including SLAAC and DHCPv6 (both Stateful and Stateless modes) are now possible in Neutron. The implementation provides for running a radvd process in the router namespace for handling IPv6 auto address configuration. To support the distributed routing model introduced by Distri…


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Network Consulting Engineers: Evolving with Confidence

…must evolve. Gone are the days of configuring and managing a large-scale network via command-line interface. An IPv6-based Internet of Things world is likely to be too large to manage that way, and next-generation networks increasingly use more programmatic methods. Gone too is the siloed approach. Specializations in individual areas like network, compute, and storage must evolve to a more holistic approach, considering the unified infrastructure…


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Enabling Data Center Services with RISE : Remote Integrated Services Engine”>

…tion of RISE Health Monitoring of appliance Appliance HA and VPC supported  Nexus 5K/6K support (EFT available) IPV6 support (EFT available) DCNM support Order of magnitude OPEX savings: reduction in configuration, and ease of deployment Order of magnitude CAPEX savings: Wiring, Power Rackspace and Cost savings For more information, schedule an EFT or POC Contact us at Resources RISE press release on Wall Street Journal : htt…


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Cisco Wins Best of Show IPv6 Product!

The North American IPv6 Summit is the largest annual IPv6 event in North America, designed to educate about IPv6 and the current state of IPv6 adoption. We were honored to receive industry recognition of the Cisco’s IPv6 leadership and continued innovation with the  Best of Show Award of Product and Service for the Cisco Wireless Controller. As you read about earlier this summer, Wireless Release 8.0 added a cornucopia of features to our wirel…


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