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BC Hydro, Cisco and Itron – a Powerhouse in Canada

…tron’s meter data management, collection engine and reporting software. BC Hydro is fast moving to build an IPv6 network able of supporting 2 Million routable IPV6 addresses in a secure, resilient, and manageable way. BC Hydro has 41 Dam sites, 30 Hydro facilities and 9 Thermal units and, from a transmission perspective,  has 18,000 km of Transmission lines 260 substations, and 22,000 steel towers! On top of that, BC Hydro has 56,000 km of D…


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#CiscoChampion Radio S1|Ep17 Cisco Live Highlights

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists hosted by Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week guest host Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) and the Cisco Champions team share a recap of Cisco Live. Listen to the Podcast Learn about the Cisco Champions Program HERE Cisco Live Highlights: DevNet Hackathon recap Most useful Cisco Live Sessions, Labs and Classes Most enjoyable Events How to lose your voice in 3 weeks How to recov…


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The Network After 25 Years of Cisco Live!

A lot can change in 25 years. At the first Cisco Live (then known as Networkers conferences) in 1989, 200 geeks gathered for the inaugural event. Fast forward to three weeks ago, when we welcomed a whopping 25,000 attendees into the arms of our namesake, beautiful San Francisco. We heard there was some interest in how the network performed at the show, so I wanted to share some of the interesting statistics about the network at Cisco Live! I shu…


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IPv6 in the Cisco Live World of Solutions”>video

Just recently I wrote about the IPv6 enabled logo program here at the Cisco Live 2014 World of Solutions (WoS). It is now time to share some of the results! In what follows I will say that I did not have enough time to exhaustively visit every single demonstration in the WoS. My time there was confined to a short window on the Tuesday morning, where I went to investigate and locate the IPv6 enabled demos myself. Armed with my phone camera and IP…


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Cisco Evolved Programmable Network: The Beginning of a New Era in SP Networking

…it yet, they will also simplify and restore the end-to-end IP connectivity model in the network with the use of IPv6-Centric Networking – a key ingredient of EPN. You can learn more about that subject by following our in-house IPv6 expert blog posts – Cisco Fellow, Mark Townsley and Senior Director of the IPv6 High Impact Program, Alain Fiocco. A little hint for you, check out how complex networking has become and how much power will be re…


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