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Evolving the Data Center to Private Cloud

…lexibility for changes ahead. Technology changes, economic changes, etc. By demanding open-standards and vendor interoperability, companies can better manage the risk associated with their IT strategy. LOOKING FORWARD The next few years will bring a great deal of change to the IT industry. How companies acquire, use and evolve IT services will have a significant impact on their ability to remain competitive in a global economy. The many faces o…


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Visualizing Global Mobile Data Traffic Growth

…ds For Mobile operators, deploying next-generation mobile networks will require greater service portability and interoperability. With the proliferation of mobile and portable devices, there is an imminent need for highly scalable networks to allow all these devices to be connected transparently, with the network providing high-performance computing capabilities and delivering enhanced real time video and multimedia. This openness will broaden th…


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Open-standards TIP Gains Momentum Across the TelePresence Industry

We are excited by yesterday’s news that Polycom is adopting the TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP), the only open, multi-screen Telepresence interoperability protocol that is currently available. In the video below, David Hsieh, Vice President of Marketing for Cisco TelePresence and the Emerging Technologies Group, discusses why this announcement is exciting for advancing interoperability throughout the industry and how it can be…


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Mobile Videoconferencing: Take Your Meetings on the Road”>The

…an ultra-portable, mobile collaboration business tablet. The Cius includes 720p HD video TelePresence solution interoperability, enabling easy video communication. The Cius also comes with collaboration applications, such as Cisco Quad, and integrated, one-click access to WebEx Meeting Center. So how are partners responding? Well, for example, Orange Business Services recognizes that collaboration via video is a growing trend. They also have see…


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Standards Play a Vital Role in Fueling Innovation

…led standards efforts, as currently demonstrated by the leadership that the NIST has provided in the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel process. By creating an open platform for participation of over 1,500 entities – from utilities, academia, regulatory agencies, ICT solutions providers and the like – NIST serves an invaluable role in shepherding and accelerating the identification of interoperability standards that are essential in building a sec…