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Working Together to Attain MPLS-TP Interoperability

…iscoSP360. This vision is finally coming to fruition. For the first time since its inception, a standards-based interoperability test for MPLS-TP was conducted by Isocore. The results of this interoperability test were announced this week and demonstrate to the market the reality of a true MPLS-TP standard and that the vendor community is following and adopting this standard.  The interoperability focused on showing how systems from multiple ven…


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Pervasive Video Day

My vblog recap of Cisco’s hosted Pervasive Video Day. Raising awareness about the market transition of pervasive video and introduce the next phase of medianet. We emphasized three elements that are key to enabling truly pervasive video across an organization: ease of use and the ability to simply plug and play; any to any content translation and interoperability; and rich quality, social, searchable video….



Need a switch? Here’s our Top 10 list of Features

The ideal switch will protect your small business network and give your company room to grow A reliable network is the foundation for any successful business; regardless of whether you’re a florist or GM. Your network connects your business to the outside world, allows your employees to be more productive, and gives you low-cost ways to better serve your customers. A key cornerstone of any network is the switch: It connects all the compute…


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Which Switch Is Right for Your Small Business?

Learn the difference between managed and unmanaged switches to choose the best device for your business I talked briefly about the advantages of managed switches for your small business network, but in this post I’ll give you more information about both managed and unmanaged switches, so you can decide which is best for your company. The nuts and bolts of a managed switch A managed switch, such as the Cisco 300 Series lets you prioritize th…


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New Citrix and Cisco Desktop Virtualization Equals Really Really Smart Networks

Imagine your customers’ network. Now imagine that your customers’ network is smart. Really smart. What would it do? So maybe it wouldn’t make coffee, take out the trash, or answer the phone. But what if workers could each have their operating systems follow them wherever they went and from any combination of PCs, Macs, laptops, thin clients, and smartphones? They could log in via any computer and their data would essentially travel to…