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Towards an Industry Standard for Benchmarking Big Data Workloads

…oday, we’re seeing a rate of change faster than at any point throughout history, and both enterprise application data and machine generated data, known as Big Data, continue to grow exponentially, challenging industry experts and researchers to develop new innovative techniques to evaluate and benchmark hardware and software technologies and products. I am co-chairing a workshop with my distinguished colleagues Chaitanya Baru, Meikel Poess, Milin…


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Interop Las Vegas 2012: Two Big Things To Know about Cisco Switching

…ast and to perform with the highest level of engineering excellence. When you deploy Cisco switches, you get two big things that you won’t find elsewhere: – Rock solid network foundation – Rich and intelligent network services The Cisco network foundation gives you the scale, performance and resiliency that you need as cloud and mobility move more and more workloads and data traffic around your network. For example, are you thinking about Gigabit…


Return on Big Data – How Workload Automation Plays a Key Role

…on a webinar panel around Big Data and the return on that data.  I was joined by Ivan Chong, EVP from Informatica and Van Baltz, VP and CIO of Station Casinos,, where we discussed Van’s aggressive project to roll out a realtime big data system.  This  deployment , using…


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Supersizing Your Small Business

Look around at most tech news lately and you’ll find four consistent trends: Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, and Big Data. Talk to analysts and you find that those four actually break into pairs: Cloud and Mobility; Social Media and Big Data. And what becomes apparent is that each second half of the pairs is responsible for accelerating the combination of the two. Essentially, mobility has sparked the cloud imperative and the cloud has given mobi…


Big Data: Coming Soon to Your Doctor’s Examining Room – Part 2

…cutive Vice President and CTO for CareCore National, LLC. CareCore’s private cloud is based on the Cisco Unified Data Center. This is part 2 of Bill Moore’s blog focused on Big Data in the healthcare industry. Read part 1 and related blog, “It’s a Boy!” In part 1 of my blog I proposed that the cloud is succeeding in enabling new healthcare models where the original electronic medical records (EMRs) vision stalled. The reason is that the cloud h…