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Cisco Sizzle – March Edition

…Connected World Technology Report Calling all IT professionals! Over two thirds of the IT managers agree that Big Data will be a strategic priority for their companies in 2013 and over the next five years as well. Do you agree? Is Big Data a strategic priority for your company? Cisco on Fortune’s Most Admired Once again, Cisco is honored to be on Fortune Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” List. Fortune tells us that…


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Dynamic Care: Managing the Patient’s Experience by the Minute

…ted by your car, clothes, medicines, food, e-books, and presence on video surveillance systems. The mountain of data collected about people and things has led to a growing industry dealing with high-volume, high-variety, high-velocity, virtual data sets (“the 4Vs”, according to Gartner) — often called “Big Data.” The growth of Big Data is an inevitable reality of a digitally connected world. Many articles and blogs focus on the growth of data ana…


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Cloud for Local Government Global Blog Series: Enabling Big Data Analytics Through Government Cloud

…play in the economic and social development of a country. However, there is a significant industry trend called Big Data that, I believe, presents a major opportunity for governments to deliver more targeted services to citizens and businesses. Three key aspects of Big Data are already impacting governments around the world: Volume: Each interaction with a government entity creates digital records, network traffic, and storage requirements. The…


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Cisco Connected World Technology Report: Big Data, Big Priority

…® Connected World Technology Report (CCWTR). The survey explored their views on the potential and challenges of Big Data and beyond. The survey found that we are still in the early stages of Big Data adoption, and many IT managers feel they are not yet realizing strategic value from their data. You can view some of the top survey results here: Cisco is also very interested in exploring the possibilities of Data in Motion – the practical uses o…


Big Data is Just the Beginning: Cisco Connected World Technology Report

…ssionals in 18 countries across a broad range of industries to share their views on the potential challenges of Big Data and beyond. In a previous post , I discussed the evolution of Big Data and the importance of extracting value out of Data in Motion to create new  applications that matter here and now, in real-time. ( Beyond Big Data : Mastering Data in Motion for Positive Business Impact) Just as the Internet of Everything is bringing togethe…


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