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2014 Cisco VNI Forecast: It’s not just about big numbers

…beyond their residential environments (via public hotspots). For more information and insights from the latest VNI study, I invite you to explore the following links: Watch Cisco’s VNI Forecast 2013-2018 webcast featuring key findings presented by Doug Webster, VP Service Provider Marketing at Cisco and a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Robert Pepper, Senior VP, Global Technology Policy. The Cisco VNI Forecast Highlights Tool provides…


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Cisco Evolved Programmable Network: The Beginning of a New Era in SP Networking

Written By Gina Nienaber, Marketing Manager, SP Product and Solutions Marketing This is the first blog out of a series of three covering  “What is the Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Era and Why Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Now?” Those of us who have been around in the industry for a few decades will remember the first arrival of the “big bad wolf” that tried to blow down the service provider’s house. This wolf presented its…


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Cisco Monetization and Optimization Index ( MOI) Measures and delivers Business Architectures for Service Providers

…vices data you want to keep. You can even customize inputs, calculate results specific to your own scenario, and save them. Mobile Footprint: Global from Cisco Service Provider By the numbers… Mobile service providers can boost their ARPU by $6 while generating around 16% in cost savings using Cisco architecture solutions. The worldwide average cost to deliver services in a mobile network is projected at $3.18 per GB. On average video operato…


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Top Five Mobility Trends CXOs Should Watch

As technology becomes smarter and capable of more connections and interactions, we will begin to see certain trends arise in the mobility industry. Trends such as, low-cost mobile devices will positively impact developing regions around the world, Internet of Things (IoT) partnerships will drive transformation of mobile networks and the proliferation of wearables will further increase the number of connected devices. These trends and more are sh…


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Improving Lives Through Wearable Technology

Wearable technology continues to advance and will produce countless opportunities for wearers, as we move forward into the future. New connections, new technology and emerging solutions enabled by wearables will change nearly every aspect of our lives. Our capabilities when it comes to technology today seem nearly endless. New devices are becoming smaller, smarter and more efficient. Think back to the television of 20 years ago. It pales in comp…


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