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Your VDI Checklist for VMworld 2013”

…ptions, as well as storage upgrades like UCS Storage Accelerator (built on Fusion-io).  We call this the “Accelerated Path to ROI with VDI”. In case you missed it, I cover some of this in my previous post, here.  Now back to VMworld… coincidentally, the stuff I mentioned above, are BIG focus areas for Cisco and its partners at the show, ie: if you want to see these solutions in action, read further. Also coincidentally, these are the very same…


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Get Social with Cisco at VMworld 2013 (Your Ticket to Community Activity)

Pack your bags, double up on shoes and leave room for swag, it’s time for VMworld 2013, and Team Cisco Data Center has a lot going on. For a full round up of our show presence, this: Yes, that is a tower of real bacon at #vBacon. Now for the the behind the scenes look. First, follow @CiscoDC and #ciscovmw for all Cisco-flavored information from the show. This year’s Roving Reporter duties will be most…


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Pushing the Presentation Envelope

…that’s here today! Good explanation of lisp done in 4 minutes on the dotKaboom was Cisco’s choice, which builds playgrounds for kids. To twitter:  Nice channeling of Schoolhouse Rock on LISP demo video. Funny and well done. #VMworld #VMWare #Cisco #VMworld Cisco not selling something :/ #LISP looks cool and is free. @AndreKindness You new heroes: The Cisco LISP guys at #vmworld I just got the “gist of LISP” with #Cisco…


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Tech ‘Friendship’ Between Savvis and Cisco Leads to Satisfied Customers”>like

…them an integrated set of capabilities to their IT portfolio, enabling agility, predictability, and quality of service. One of the companies where we have this type of relationship is Cisco, and our interactions this week at VMworld Europe have highlighted many of these integrated capabilities to the marketplace. Our alliance with Cisco is deeply integrated at the technology layer, for example: The Savvis enterprise cloud, known as Savvis…


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Welcome to Barcelona: Cisco Data Center Cloud Activities at VMworld

If you’d like to learn more about the evolution of the data center, and how Cisco is supporting that mission, it’s a great time to be in Barcelona. VMworld Barcelona kicks off full force today, and there is a great deal to experience. Get your I Speak Geek button from a roving reporter here at VMworld Barcelona! Here’s a quick overview of Cisco’s presence in Barcelona in booth D200 and beyond. For the first time,…


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