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Power of Open Choice in Hypervisor Virtual Switching

…t in all current and future data center, cloud, and branch designs and solutions As we count down to the annual VMworld conference and reflect on the introduction of the Cisco Nexus 1000V in vSphere 4.0 six years ago, we can feel proud of what we have achieved. We have to congratulate VMware for their partnership and success in opening vSphere networking to third party vendors. It was beneficial for our joint customers, and for both companies….


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#EngineersUnplugged S6|Ep1: Behind the Scenes with Cisco Networking Academy

…u would like to become Internet Famous, and strut your unicorn talents, join us for our next filming session at VMworld 2014. Tweet me for details! This is Engineers Unplugged, where technologists talk to each other the way they know best, with a whiteboard. The rules are simple: Episodes will publish weekly (or as close to it as we can manage) Subscribe to the podcast here: Follow the #engineersunplugged conversation on T…


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#CiscoChampion Radio S1|Ep14 How to survive Cisco Live and what the heck is DevNet

…beforehand. No matter how cute they might look… @gallifreyan has my post-CLUS’13 observations bwhaynes i would like to see a “DevNet 101″ for newbies to programing. I’m not a head-down, cola and pizza code junkie but may have some ideas. RickVanover ABC RickVanover Always be chargin RickVanover “…


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VDI at VMworld Barcelona, Co-opetition, Taio Cruz, and Tumblers”

I just got back from another blockbuster of an event that was VMworld Barcelona.  If you’re VMworld Alumni, you know the drill – long days turn into nights, meetings, convention hall food, and before you know it, you’re at the customer reception and Taio Cruz is there.  I also scored a really nice plastic tumbler (the drinking kind, not the Batman kind) when leaving the conference – which my family is probably going to steal from me in the near…


Are Vendor Neutral Trade Shows Dead?

…floor, I wondered; “Are true mixed vendors trade shows over?” Compare Interop NYC to the very next week’s event VMWorld Barcelona and wholly smokes! That is a big show for sure. Seems like we started drifting towards a more vendor specific format around the time COMDEX was killed off. Then Supercom was next. Networld+Interop become Interop. Man alive that really used to be one heck of a show. N+I as the cool kids called it, had the show and then…