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Cisco delivers new multivendor, interoperable communications solutions for government and enterprise industries

…ficers have central command centers and rely on desktops with multiple large monitors.  However, they also have a field of school safety officers who are usually mobile as they traverse hallways and classrooms. With Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration Systems (IPICS), they can still perform their security duties while mobile, and monitor events  continuously as they are moving to the scene. Principals use IPICS on their iPads and iPhones…


Integrated Collaboration Highlights and Updates from InfoComm 2013

What a great reception at InfoComm 2013! We had the opportunity to share with customers the innovations we are driving around conferencing to deliver better scale, quality and interoperability.  They are excited about what we are doing to make conferencing more affordable, while at the same time maintaining the high quality experience that they expect from Cisco. It was fantastic to see such a high level of interest in our new pervasive…


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Cisco’s IOT Connected Safety and Security applications at Cisco Live”>Cisco

…reduce down time and improve effectiveness. We are demonstrating this capability at Cisco Live through applications such as Reality Mobile’s Reality Vision application, and Cisco’s Incident Response solution called Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System. IOT Collaborative Operations Demo with, Brian Geoghegan, Reality Mobile:  Video Demo with Brian Geoghegan: IOT Mobile Collaboration demo with Reality…


Knocking Down Barriers to Pervasive Video Collaboration: Comprehensive Interoperability

…ideo Conferencing hardware vendors such as Polycom. Now is an unbelievably exciting time to be in the video collaboration industry – new generations of customers, partners, employees and students use video as their preferred way to communicate. Pervasive access to video is within reach, from both a technological and economic standpoint.  To fully realize the vision of pervasive video, we must continue to embrace interoperability together as an…


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Cisco SDN Controller Passes InCTRE Interoperability Lab OpenFlow Testing

…switch fare? Our Controller was found to be interoperable with all three switches based on our Openflow 1.0 implementation. What exactly does that mean for a customer? INCTRE provides customers with independent validation of interoperability claims that are made by vendors. So, should we take OF interoperability as table stakes? If so, what other things should customers be evaluating when they look at controller technology? Like any other new…