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Insights from baseball promotions for Digital Marketers

…orite pastime‘ – but baseball owners sure do wish some of that time is spent watching the game from stadiums as opposed to in-front of television and smartphones. Of course some of the storied franchises such as the Red Sox and Yankees have less to worry, and even the long suffering Chicago Cubs bring in 30,000+ faithfuls on average to their games. However for many others, half-full stadiums are the reality of game days. Baseball owne…


Seven Years – Hundreds of Millions of Fans Engaged

…ustomers are leading in that race. Cisco has been market makers with each of our solutions – from the Connected Stadium platform, to StadiumVision, to Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, to StadiumVision Mobile. Don’t take our word for it. Watch below as George “The Iceman” Gervin, Chip Foley from Barclays Center, and others at the NBA talk about how Cisco is taking the fan experience to another level. Now we have the opportunity to take it to another leve…


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One Second in Baseball Brought To You By The Cloud

…ed Media (MLBAM) and technologies such as PITCH/fx, gigabytes of data that capture each moment of every game in stadiums around the country are being shared with broadcasters, stadium operators and viewers at home, all in real-time through the cloud. While the game has continued to evolve on the field, it has rapidly been changing off the field. Ballparks around the country have been installing Cisco Connected Sports solutions , which impact ever…


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Pure Madness, That’s A Connected Fan

…tions in more than 200 venues in 30 plus countries globally. Today, this trend continues as the Danish national stadium PARKEN, in Copenhagen, announced it will be installing Cisco Connected Sports solutions – Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, StadiumVision and StadiumVision Mobile, an unparalleled suite of technology and business drivers for the stadium. This comes on the heels of the announcement just a couple months ago that another Nordic entity in Ol…


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Achieving New Wi-Fi Heights

…p being one of, if not, the world’s largest single Wi-Fi deployment ever staged in a venue, even surpassing our stadium deployments during championship games.  Here are just a few of the stats that attendees and exhibitors generated: 1.2 gigabytes per second of peak Internet traffic; 19.1 terabytes of data – offloading 3G and 4G traffic from mobile networks to provide an improved, integrated mobile experiences for attendees; 5 gigahertz (GHz) to…


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