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Taking the Internet of Everything on the Road”>video

…rsely, the light will dim when there is no movement. This type of deployment may not be too far off for a U.S. city also. Already, Cisco is working with Streetline and the cities of San Mateo, CA and San Carlos, CA to tackle smart circulation and smart parking. Citizens and visitors to downtown San Mateo or Laurel Street in San Carlos are able to easily find parking spaces through the use of a free mobile application, which connects to a network…


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Smart Trade: Cisco Is Helping Revolutionize Legacy Trade Practices Around the World

…us delivery mechanisms—such as software as a service (SaaS) and other cloud services—become more widespread. Already, word is getting around — Cisco has been approached by companies in four additional countries to explore their participation in the pilot installation. In addition, “Smart Trade” has the potential to seamlessly augment other Cisco Services “Platform” initiatives (such as Smart+Connected Communities), as depicted in the diagram…


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Intelligent Communities Global Blog Series–The “Connected Boulevard”: Taking the Fast Lane to the Internet of Everything

…t than ever before. That’s one reason I’m excited to be in Nice, France, this week to help launch the “Connected Boulevard,” an ambitious proof of concept built to leverage and anticipate the Internet of Everything (IoE) for smart and connected city services. The Connected Boulevard is the first real-world example at the city level of how IoE is enabling infrastructure intelligence and value through connections among people, processes, data and…


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The Smart City Council – Accelerating an Exciting Growth

…nstraints and overcrowding are increasingly amplified – all of which requires a paradigm shift in how we approach and manage these types of situations. Driven by Cisco’s vision for the Internet of Everything (IoE), our Smart+Connected Communities program supports the integration of intelligent networking technologies to connect cities and help leaders address these challenges. However, we fully understand that this is not a one-shot solution….


Cloud for Local Government Global Blog Series, Cloud and the Smart City: A Brighter Tomorrow”

…projects in local government, we will see a combination of new ways of thinking, designing, planning, executing, and managing. Busan, South Korea has already discovered the powerful benefits of cloud infrastructure to create Smart+Connected Communities solutions. The government partnered with companies to create a Mobile Application Center to utilize city assets and the connected network. (You can also watch a video series, “Cities of the…


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