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Does Cisco’s Unified Computing System server platform support Enterprise Business Applications? Where do I go to find out?

…only have budget for one of them.  Well, here’s some background on what Cisco will be presenting at each event: SAP Sapphire  May 15-18 Cisco is a Diamond Sponsor at Sapphire. Four speaking engagements: Ed Bugnion on Future of IT Michael Missbach on Why customers choose Cisco for SAP Ulrich Kleidon on Cisco and Netapp Jan Lind on Business enabled Collaboration with SAP Six Demos will be shown: Tidal Software-Intelligent Automation Intelligent Bu…


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Is SAP HANA In-Memory Technology Disruptive?

….  The biggest concern to-date, is that the data modeling and “what if” scenarios usually take days to process.  SAP HANA in-memory technology allows CIO’s to obtain answers to these complex issues in microseconds instead of the typical wait of days. Who are the only server platform vendors certified to sell SAP HANA? Cisco Dell Fujitsu HP IBM What are the benefits to users of SAP HANA? Processes all transactions in memory instead of I/O to di…


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If SAP Applications are installed and run on the Cisco Unified Computing System server platform, but no one knows about it, do they really run?

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server platform was introduced 2 years ago.  The first SAP installation on this platform happened shortly after that.  Yet when CIO’s and Application Architects are asked if they plan on running their SAP instances on UCS, many times their initial response is, “huh”. Companies who run their business on SAP, can take no chances.  If their application shuts down, so does their business, costing them, depend…


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UCS, VCE, Acadia, Vblocks and the Journey to the Cloud

…/demos/demos at EMC World 2010, and the beginning of many announcements/announcements coming from SAP Sapphire this week, I thought it might be useful to put a few concepts in perspective. Specifically — Cisco UCS, VCE Coalition, Vblocks, Acadia and the Journey to the Cloud. When new products and concepts are introduced to the market, there is often a period of time before they are fully understood.  Cisco Unified Computing S…


Pacific Coast Building Products Inc. runs SAP on Cisco UCS

…website. This sense of timing obviously is still very present, as the IT organization recently moved some of the SAP applications to the Cisco Unified Computing System As Cisco is developing a strong partnership with SAP, and SAP’s partners including Accenture, Cap Gemini, CSC, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro .., I went to Pacific Coast Building Products headquarters, close to Sacramento, to meet the Senior SAP Architect , Randy Subr…