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Sports + Social Media = Massive Opportunities

…a world where everything is connected (Internet of Everything – IoE). This video series shows how Cisco and the NBA are already deep into this process. Check out the “One Bounce” video here. As big data fuels deeper levels of fan insights, the future experience will be richer, and ultimately feed the insatiable hunger for information that these fans have already shown. Being a sports fan will be better than ever before, and Cisco will be right in…


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IWAN Wed: Is FIFA supported on the ISR?

…nking “I wonder how much bandwidth this thing is taking?” All major sports event like the Superbowl, World Cup, NBA Finals, PGA tour, Olympics, etc. are streaming LIVE games and many people around the globe are watching the World Cup during business hours as its always 9 to 5 somewhere. The Problem: So now we have employees at the branch that are watching internet streaming video on your corporate network and eating away your expensive MPLS bandw…


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Seven Years – Hundreds of Millions of Fans Engaged

…our word for it. Watch below as George “The Iceman” Gervin, Chip Foley from Barclays Center, and others at the NBA talk about how Cisco is taking the fan experience to another level. Now we have the opportunity to take it to another level with our Internet of Everything offerings. As more things are connected, the opportunities become limitless. All of us at Cisco are collaboration to develop new business models for our industries that involve…


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Cisco Helps Make Brand Loyalty a Slam Dunk for the NBA”

…en wind up “out of bounds.” But forward-thinking organizations — including the National Basketball Association (NBA) — are using technology to create some exciting new scoring opportunities. One of the keys to establishing brand loyalty lies in enabling an experience that sparks an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. The NBA is a great example of an organization with an ardent fan base whose loyalty is based on an emotional b…


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Let’s Clear Up Some Misconceptions – Is SDN Relevant to the Enterprise WAN?

…meter had been an inch longer we’d all have frozen to death.” June is always exciting here and in Europe. NBA playoffs are on and the Giro d’Italia just ended with the Italian Vincenzo Nibali winning it emphatically. The San Antonio Spurs have been so good but King James brought the Heat back from a certain death in Game 6. Game 7 decides it all! Equally exciting is the buzz in networking circles, especially in the Bay Area, around Software…


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